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Strymon Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky Comparison

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Strymon Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky

If you’re wondering which Strymon pedal is best – Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky – don’t worry, you’ve come to the right review! In today’s article, we’re going to take a close look and compare all of these pedals.

Surely, they all sound really cool, but which one of them should you add to your pedalboard? Of course, this is not an easy question. It all depends on your preferences, but here’s the short answer:

Strymon Big Sky offers a classic reverb tone with an indefinite amount of tonal possibilities, Night Sky is better for experimental studio sessions and Blue Sky is the most affordable option.

But the truth is that all Strymon pedals feature an exceptional sound quality and they offer the access to a huge amount of interesting tones. Although they’re expensive, they definitely feature the top-shelf quality.

Let’s dive deeper with research to see what makes these pedals so special. There will be a few sound demos as well, so you’ll be able to hear how these pedals sound like. Hopefully, today’s article will help you to understand which Strymon reverb is right for you.

Strymon Big Sky – Specs & Pricing

Strymon Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky

The Big Sky is one of the most desired reverb pedals available on the market right now. It offers twelve different types of reverb, so as you can imagine, the amount of tones that you can achieve on that thing is unbelievable.

The types of reverb include: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Swell, Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Reflections and Non-linear.

A lot of guitarists consider it as a holy grail of reverb pedals. Some people buy it specifically for the Cloud Mode, which is one of the most interesting types of reverb that you can use with the Big Sky.

What’s interesting, it also allows you to store your favorite sounds in 300 customizable presets. Honestly, this creates endless possibilities when it comes to guitar sound. If you’re into indie, surf, alternative rock, shoegaze or post-rock, you’ll absolutely love using the Big Sky.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that it’s the most expensive reverb pedal out of all these three models. Although it’s not cheap, it’s definitely worth the money. There is a high chance that it will be your last reverb pedal, because it will be really tough to beat that.

Here’s the sound demo. Sounds amazing, right?

Strymon Night Sky – Specs & Pricing

Strymon Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky

In comparison with the Big Sky, this pedal is cheaper, but it’s actually a little bit complicated to use. Again, the amount tones that you can achieve with the Night Sky is absolutely amazing, especially if you’re into ambient, psychedelic or shoegaze music.

But the truth is that it’s a completely different pedal than the previous model. In fact, if you’re a beginner or a fairly amateur guitar player, it will be really tough to actually use the full potential of this pedal.

The thing is, this is not just a reverb pedal. It offers a lot of different features that include modulation, filtering, intervals and pitch shifting. In addition, there are 16 onboard presets and 300 via MIDI. The tones created with that pedal can be described as experimental, dark, ambient, ghostly and mysterious.

What’s interesting, this pedal sounds particularly well with a synthesizer too. And even if you’re using it with a guitar, you can actually create a sound that’s really similar to a regular synth. That’s pretty cool, right?

Personally, I think that if you’re interested in music production, the Night Sky can become a a really significant part of your studio. It can help you shape a lot of tones that you can’t normally get with other pedals available on the market. Surely, it offers an amazing value for the money.

Here’s the sound demo.

Strymon Blue Sky – Specs & Pricing


In comparison with two previous models, Strymon Blue Sky is the most affordable option. But don’t get me wrong – although it’s cheaper, it doesn’t mean that it’s worse.

A lot of guitarists struggle whether they should choose the legendary Strymon Big Sky or the more affordable Blue Sky. The truth is that there’s no clear winner of this battle, but the truth is that in comparison with the more expensive Big Sky, the Blue Sky offers a bit more limited range of tones.

Nevertheless, although it gives a bit less space for experiments, it can actually be more functional for a lot of musicians. If you’re looking for something that sounds awesome and is easy to easy at the same time, the Blue Sky is the way to go.

The pedal features only three types of reverb: room, plate and spring. Unfortunately, there’s no cloud mode, which is highly desired by a lot of guitarists. So if you’re looking specifically for that feature, your only option is the Big Sky.

Personally, I think that the Blue Sky will be perfect for touring musicians. If you play gigs and you’re looking for a reliable reverb that offers a lot tonal possibilities, choosing the Blue Sky will be an excellent choice.

Here’s the sound demo. Feel free to check it out!

Strymon Big Sky vs Night Sky vs Blue Sky

Surely, all of these pedals are amazing and they are definitely one of the best reverb pedals available on the market right now. But is it possible to actually clearly say which one of them is the best?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible. All of these pedals offer a bit different features and they will be appealing to different groups of musicians.

Strymon Big Sky – Who Is It For?

I think that Strymon Big Sky will be ideal for guitarists who aren’t afraid to invest into something from the highest shelf. The amount of tonal possibilities that you can achieve with that thing is just amazing. A lot guitarists consider this pedal as a holy grail of reverb guitar effects, so as you can imagine – it’s a dream for the vast majority of musicians.

Strymon Night Sky – Who Is It For?

Strymon Night Sky will be perfect for guitarists who are looking for more ambient and experimental tones. There is a reason why it’s called ‘night’ – it offers a much darker and mysterious tone. It won’t be the best choice for every guitarist, but I’m sure that there will be a huge group of musicians who are going to love it.

Strymon Blue Sky – Who Is It For?

Lastly, Strymon Blue Sky will be ideal for all-level guitarists, including the beginners. It’s easy to use, it offers a lot of really interesting tones and it’s actually the most affordable reverb pedal on today’s list. In addition, thanks to its simplicity, it’s also a great choice for all gigging musicians.

Sound Comparison

If you’re still not sure which pedal is right for you, here’s a really good video that highlights all of the pedals mentioned in today’s article.


Does Strymon make the best reverb pedals in the world?

Strymon is often considered as the manufacturer of the best reverb pedals in the world. In fact, Strymon Big Sky is often mentioned as the most desired reverb pedal of all time.

Do guitars need reverb?

Guitars do not need reverb, but they sound much better with reverb. The reverb effect creates a really interesting atmospheric effect and it makes your guitar sound much fuller. That being said, even a simple chord can sound absolutely amazing with reverb.

What bands use reverb?

The vast majority of bands nowadays use reverb pedals. This guitar effect is particularly popular among the indie, alternative rock, emo and shoegaze bands.

Should you buy a reverb or delay pedal first?

Reverb and delay pedals are different, so your decision should be based on your own preferences. The reverb pedal may be better for absolute beginners – it will quickly make you sound cool!


As you can see, all of these reverb pedals by Strymon feature an exceptional quality. Surely, they’re on one of the best reverb pedals available on the market right now.

Personally, I’d stick with the Strymon Big Sky. I used it in the past and honestly, it just never fails. But I’m sure that both Night Sky and Blue Sky offer an awesome playing experience as well!

Which Strymon pedal would you add to your own pedalboard? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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