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Squier Mini Stratocaster: An Honest Review & Demo

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In today’s article, we’re going to review one of the coolest small guitars in the world – Squier Mini Stratocaster. The popularity of these guitars is really big, especially among younger players and beginners. Recently, I had the pleasure to test out a brand new mini Strat and I have to admit that it was a really interesting experience. So is it worth it or not?

Absolutely! The Squier Mini Stratocaster made a stunning impression on me and I have to admit that I didn’t expect it to be that good. Although it has a few minor flaws (such as basic electronics or tuners), it’s really comfortable and enjoyable to play. Undoubtedly, choosing the mini Strat will be a great choice for any player.

Let’s dive deeper with research and let’s find out what makes this guitar so good. Using it for a few days was enough for me to test it out in different settings (such as different amps or pedals). And I actually filmed the whole thing, so you’ll definitely have to see that video in the next section.

My Experience With Squier Mini Stratocaster

I was particularly impressed by the overall appearance and quality of this guitar. Most of the time, cheap guitars require setting up and adjusting the string action. But surprisingly, my model was really comfortable from the day one.

Here’s a video that I recorded a few days ago. Make sure to check it out, there’s a sound demo as well! If you enjoyed this review, feel free to click the subscribe button – that will help my channel grow.

Although this guitar is small, it’s not a toy. In terms of sound, I think that it has a really cool, bright and classic Stratocaster sound. Of course, it may not be as good as in some of the more expensive and regular sized Strats, but to be honest, I think that playing gigs or recording in studios is totally possible with this Mini Stratocaster.

Nevertheless, the guitar is not perfect either. The tuners and electronics are pretty basic but in the end, it’s a budget guitar. But despite of this basic hardware, the guitar looks and sounds fantastic. And most importantly, it’s really comfortable to play.

Specifications & Pricing

The guitar is made of laminated hardwood and it has a C-shaped maple neck. The scale length is 22.75″, so it’s way smaller than in regular Stratocasters (25.5″). In addition, it’s equipped with three single coil pickups and a vintage-style hardtail bridge. If you’re interested to see more details about this guitar, feel free to check it out below.

In terms of pricing, the Squier Mini Stratocaster is really affordable. I tested out a lot of guitars from that price level and I have to admit that the Mini Strat is one of the best options out there.

One of the most popular alternatives for Squier Mini is the Ibanez Mikro. It’s also a really good guitar, but in my opinion the Squier Mini is better. I’m going to record a video review of that cheap alternative too, so if you’re interested, make sure to check out my YouTube channel.

Who Is Squier Mini Stratocaster for?

The 3/4 sized guitars are designed mainly for younger players, but to be fair, even adults will be satisfied with that guitar. It doesn’t take too much space, so it’s also good for traveling. In addition, the shorter size and scale makes it suitable for players with short fingers and smaller hands.

And if you’re wondering what kind of music you can play on the Squier Mini Stratocaster, you should know that it’s great for pretty much any genre. Whether you’re into blues, jazz, rock or indie – you’ll be able to play it on this Squier. The truth is that all Stratocasters are extremely versatile.

What’s interesting, with the right pedals, you can even play metal on it! Here’s the proof.

How big is a Mini Squier?

It’s a 3/4 sized guitar, so it’s smaller than a normal electric guitar. Here’s a photo of my regular sized Jazzmaster and a Mini Squier. It should give you a good understanding of how much smaller the Mini Squier actually is.

squier mini stratocaster vs jazzmaster
Can adults play Squire Mini?

Absolutely! If you played on regular sized guitars before, it will only take you a few minutes to adjust to this smaller sized guitar. Nevertheless, you won’t experience any problems with it. In fact, there is a high chance that if you’re buying it for your child, you’ll end up playing on it more than your kid!

What age is a Mini Stratocaster for?

I think that any child above the age of 6 should be able to practice on the Squier Mini Stratocaster. The producer recommends it for kids aged between 6-12 though. But as I mentioned earlier, even older players will enjoy it too.


As you can see, Squier Mini Stratocaster is a truly amazing and powerful guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player, you will certainly have a lot of fun while using it. Although it’s mainly designed for younger players or guitarists with smaller hands, it really does the job and it sounds awesome!

Nevertheless, I think that I’ll stick to my regular sized guitars. But certainly, it was a really cool experience to check it out and I recommend it to everyone who’s interested in getting the same model.

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