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Ortega Guitars & Ukuleles: Worth Your Money?

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A lot of beginner guitarists and ukulele players choose instruments made by a company called Ortega. Since their guitars and ukeleles are usually cheap, they seem appealing for a wide range of amateur musicians. On the other hand, sometimes inexpensive instruments are just not worth it. So what’s the deal with the Ortega guitars, are they worth it?

Absolutely! Ortega is a German manufacturer of great and affordable string instruments and accessories. Their gear is suitable for both beginner and more advanced players. The competitive prices of Ortega guitars and ukuleles make them one of the most interesting music brands in the industry right now.

In today’s article, we’re going to have a deep look on the guitars and ukuleles sold by Ortega. Let’s find out why their instruments are so popular!

I created two lists: five best Ortega guitars and five best Ortega ukuleles. Feel free to check out my top recommendations below. I included a few sound samples as well, so you’ll be able to hear how it all sounds.

5 Best Ortega Guitars

Ortega Performer SeriesSee on Amazon
Ortega Requinto SeriesSee on Amazon
Ortega Traditional SeriesSee on Amazon
Ortega Feel SeriesSee on Amazon
Ortega Family SeriesSee on Amazon
Ortega Performer Series
performer series

One of the most unique guitars in Ortega’s offer. This acoustic-electric model has everything a beginner and an advanced guitarist needs. The guitar features a solid Canadian spruce top and mahogany back and sides. As a result, it offers a really warm and resonant tone suitable for the most demanding players. It may not be the cheapest guitar in their offer, but it’s definitely one of the best.

Ortega Requinto Series
requinto series

The Requinto Series is a far more affordable option, so it will be great for players on a tight budget. In addition, these guitars follow the Mexican and Latin American traditions, so they’re slightly smaller. What’s more, Requinto guitars have a shorter scale and a bit deeper body depth. As a result, they’re pretty loud even without amplification. In my opinion, it’s a really good guitar for live performances.

Ortega Traditional Series
are ortega guitars good - traditional series

The Traditional Series is mainly aimed at intermediate and professional players, although I’m sure that beginners will love it too! The model linked above is a bit more expensive than other guitars on my list, but it comes with an exceptional quality. The Traditional guitars are hand made in Spain, so they feature an extraordinary attention to detail. If you’re looking for a top-shelf classical guitar, this is the way to go. I highly recommend checking it out!

Here’s the official demo.

Ortega Feel Series
are ortega guitars good - feel series

Another top-shelf series of guitars! Although in comparison with the Traditional Series, the Feel Series features a bit more comfortable neck options. Out of my experience with classical Spanish-made guitars, they tend to have pretty specific guitar necks. Not everyone likes that feel, so that’s why Ortega decided to create a series of guitars for modern players. Of course, these guitars are also made from the best materials (in this case Red Western Cedar and Mahogany) and with the exceptional attention to detail. Great choice!

Ortega Family Series
are ortega guitars good? - family series

Last but not least. The Family Series is actually one of the most popular series offered by Ortega. It includes guitars of all kinds and sizes that are suitable for all-level players. Whether you’re looking for a guitar for a 7-year old kid, a teenager or yourself, the Family Series is always a safe choice. In addition, most of these guitars are really affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank. I highly recommend checking them out!

Ortega Ukuleles

It is also worth mentioning that Ortega is a leading manufacturer of affordable ukuleles of all sizes. On top of that, their ukuleles are often available in some really unusual colors. I included a few examples below – feel free to check them out! They are all suitable for both beginner and intermediate players.

Ortega Earth Series Ukulele

The Ortega Earth Series ukuleles feature a great quality and a warm, resonant tone. This concert ukulele is a really affordable and interesting option for all amateur and intermediate ukulele players. It looks good, sounds good and it doesn’t cost a fortune – who needs anything else? In addition, it’s available in a few other equally beautiful colors, such as ocean blue!

Ortega Prism Series Ukulele

Do we have any reggae fans here? This unique tenor ukulele comes with a flamed maple top and a maple neck. It may bit a bit more expensive than the Earth Series, but it still offers an amazing quality. It’s definitely a really interesting option for all-level ukulele players out there.

Ortega F-Hole Arch Top Ukulele

In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest Ortega ukuleles out there. I always enjoyed arched top ukuleles – in comparison with regular ukuleles, they offer a bit different playing experience. But overall, it’s really worth it. I think that Ortega did a fantastic job with this model and it’s definitely worth its price.

About Ortega Guitars

According to the official site of Ortega Guitars, the company was established in 1994. Throughout the years, they managed to become leaders in the music industry when it comes to affordable guitars and ukuleles. The company may not be as popular as the biggest brands in the game (such as Fender or Gibson), but they still sell thousands of guitars every year.

Whether you’re from the United States, Europe or Australia, you can easily find Ortega guitars in your area. There are also dozens of models available on Amazon, so I highly recommend checking out their offer on that site.

Where are Ortega Guitars made?

Well, it depends on which model you want to get. Their lowest models are manufactured in China, while most expensive guitars come from Europe. Still, the low-level guitars feature a really good quality, even though they are built in relatively cheaper countries.

My Verdict – Are Ortega Guitars Worth It?

As a guitarist with over thirteen years of experience, I have to admit that I’ve seen and tried a lot of guitars. If I had to decide between Martin and Ortega, I would definitely stick to Martin – there’s no doubt. But I have to admit that Ortega makes really interesting and affordable instruments, so I definitely recommend them to players who are just starting. If you’re a more advanced player, there is a high chance that you’re going to love Ortega too. But if you’re looking for something from the highest shelf that’s worth thousands of dollars, you may want to look for something else.


As you can see, there are a lot of interesting Ortega guitars and ukuleles out there! I think that most of their models are great alternatives to well-known guitars made by other brands, such as Yamaha, Washburn or Epiphone. If I had a chance to start my musical journey again, I’d be really happy to do it with an Ortega guitar in my hands.

Thanks for checking out today’s article, I hope that it was helpful! What do you think about Ortega guitars? Leave a comment in the comments section below. Additionally, if you enjoyed this blog post, you may also like:

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