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Telecaster for Metal? 5 Reasons to Get One

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Today we’re going to answer to one of the most common questions among the shredders – is Telecaster good for metal? When you think about metal guitars, you usually picture guitars made by Ibanez, Jackson, BC Rich or ESP with two humbuckers. We are all used to the look of Superstrats made for fast solos and fat riffs.

On the other hand, the Telecasters usually have two single-coil pickups and they are often favored by blues, jazz and rock guitarists. Still, it’s one of the most iconic guitars in the world. It features a really bright and twangy sound, which doesn’t sound appealing for metal players at all. Nevertheless, is it possible to play metal on a Telecaster?

The short answer is…

… YES!

Of course, it’s totally possible to play metal on a telecaster. Some guitarists believe that it requires changing single-coil pickups for humbuckers, but it’s not necessarily true. In fact, it’s easy to achieve a great and fat tone without any electronics adjustments. Have a look on the video below – it’s a Fender Telecaster American Ultra. In my opinion, metal sounds absolutely amazing on that axe!

I think that the video above really shows the potential of Telecaster guitars. Whether you choose a more expensive American or cheaper Chinese Tele, you will definitely be able to achieve an amazing metal tone! In my opinion, it will be great for all kinds of metal genres. Whether you’re into heavy metal, power metal or death metal, you’ll definitely be able to efficiently use Tele in both studio and live recordings. I totally don’t understand people who claim that these guitars are not for metal. It’s possible and the video above proves it!

Okay, so now you know that Telecasters can be used for playing metal. The other question is – is it worth it to buy a Tele instead of a regular Superstrat guitar made specifically for metal? But to be honest, it’s a really tough question. There are a lot of amazing guitars out there – both Superstrats and Telecasters. Nevertheless, I think that there’s a few advantages of getting a Telecaster. Here they are!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Tele

is telecaster good for metal
1. Versatility

As I mentioned earlier, Telecasters are extremely versatile. Whether you’re into metal, hard rock, indie or jazz, you will be able to play it na Tele. In addition, they’re super comfortable to play. My Mexican Fender Telecaster is one of the most comfortable guitars I ever had! They’re a safe choice for both beginner and more advanced players. Undoubtedly, the enjoyability and versatility make this guitar a really interesting option for all guitarists in the world. And while Tele is good for metal, a Superstrat is not necessarily great for other genres such as blues!

2. Approved By The Best

There are plenty of famous guitarists who use or used Telecasters on a daily basis. That includes Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Jeff Buckley, Prince, Muddy Waters and many, many more other musicians. It’s an absolutely legendary guitar approved by the best in the music history. Some people say that Tom Morello has written the most of his tasty riffs on a Tele! It’s really possible, because he’s often seen with a Tele in his hands.

3. Vintage Vibe

There is something really unique about a classic Telecaster. Even modern Teles still feel and look the same as original Telecasters from the 50’s. That vintage vibe can really draw attention! Whether it’s the aesthetic of appearance or classic tone, these guitars definitely have a retro vibe.

4. Pricing

Of course, some Telecasters tend to be really expensive – especially the vintage models with years of history. Nevertheless, it’s possible to find a really good Tele that doesn’t cost a fortune. Personally, I recommend Squier and Fender guitars for all level guitarists. I included specific gear recommendations in the last part of this article, so if you’re interested, make sure to check it out.

5. Simplicity

I love Telecasters for their simplicity. A solid piece of wood with two single pickups – who needs anything else? Sometimes less is more and that’s statement is totally true when it comes to Telecasters.

Telecaster – Gear Recommendations

Ready to buy a Telecaster? To be honest, there’s quite a few amazing models out there. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune for a great guitar. Here’s what I recommend:

Squier Affinity Telecaster

squier telecaster - is it good for metal?

Absolutely great guitar for beginner and advanced players on a budget. It’s totally affordable and it features amazing quality. To be honest, I’m amazed that Squier offers such good material quality and attention to detail at this price. It will be difficult to beat this, that’s for sure! I highly recommend checking it out. Great choice!

Fender Vintera Telecaster

fender vintera telecaster

Something for more demanding players, although it’s still within reach in terms of pricing. The Vintera Series by Fender features outstanding quality and classic, vintage aesthetic. This guitar looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. Undoubtedly, any player who chooses that axe, will be really satisfied. On top of that, it’s great for metal! Well done, Fender!

Fender American Professional Telecaster

Absolutely amazing guitar. If you’re a professional guitar player, this guitar is for you. The American Professional Series is one of the best series produced by Fender. These guitars tend to be really expensive, although they are totally worth it. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Telecasters on the market right now.

Is Telecaster Good For Metal? Summary.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should buy a Telecaster. Is telecaster good for metal? Absolutely! Telecasters are fantastic guitars. What’s more, they’re really versatile and they sound great in all kinds of metal subgenres. Whether you decide to buy a Tele or a Superstrat, remember that it’s all about having fun. Enjoy yourself and experiment with sounds – you’ll be amazed what you can find when you get a little bit creative!

I hope that you enjoyed today’s article. Would you buy a Telecaster to play metal? Let me know in the comments below. I’m really curious what you think! In addition, if you enjoyed this blog post, you may also like:

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