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Gretsch G6636T Black Falcon: Worth the Investment?

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In today’s article, we’re going to investigate whether Gretsch G6636T Black Falcon is actually worth it or not. For those who don’t know, this is one of the best and most expensive Gretsch guitars available on the market right now. The look, the feel and the sound make this axe incomparable with any other models. But is it actually worth that amount of money?

Absolutely! The G6636T is a high-quality guitar made for advanced and professional musicians. If you’re looking for a guitar from the top shelf, the Black Falcon is the way to go. The guitar offers a remarkable quality and it holds an exceptional value. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best semi-hollow guitars in the guitar game.

Let’s dive deeper with research and find out what makes this guitar so good. There will be a few sound demos too, so make sure to check them out as well. But let’s start with some basic information about this guitar.

About Gretsch G6636T Black Falcon
gretsch black falcon
  • Body: Laminated Maple
  • Top: Maple
  • Neck: Maple
  • Neck Profile: Standard U
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Anchored Adjusto-Matic
  • Tailpiece: Bigsby B7GP
  • Frets: 22
  • Pickups: High Sensitive Filter’Tron (Bridge), High Sensitive Filter’Tron (Neck)
Best Semi-Hollow Guitar I Have Ever Played

I had the pleasure to test this guitar for a while on my own and trust me – it’s magical. There is something really cool about the combination of black color with golden hardware, it looks really elegant and expensive from the outside. But most importantly, the guitar feels amazing too.

The neck is really comfortable, but it’s pretty narrow. According to the official data, it’s the Standard U-shaped neck. I never had the chance to check out these necks in the past and I’ve always been a fan of slim Fender’s necks, but overall, the playability on that thing is fantastic. I think that it will be suitable for a vast majority of guitar players.

There is a reason why this guitar is so expensive – it’s the quality. The attention to detail and quality of used materials is just awesome and I’m not surprised that this is the top of the league. Is it a good idea to purchase Gretsch G6636T Black Falcon for that amount of money? If you can afford it, then yes, absolutely.

Unique Tone

As you can imagine, any guitar at this price level sounds absolutely amazing. The guitar can be used in a lot of different genres, so whether you’re into jazz, blues, folk or alternative rock, the Black Falcon should be an excellent choice. The High Sensitive Filter’Tron pickups are also great for more distorted tones.

Here’s a few sound samples that I think you should see. Take your time and check out all of them – you won’t be disappointed!

Is The Black Falcon Worth The Money?

Many players argue whether top shelf guitar are actually that better than most of mid-level guitars. Some guitarists say that the most expensive models are way overrated and overpriced and in some cases it’s actually true. In my opinion, although the pricing is high, the Black Falcon is worth it.

Based on my own experience, I’d say that this is a guitar for a passionate musician who knows what they want. You could actually buy a decent car at this price, so if you’re willing to spend that money for a new guitar, it means that you’re aware of its beauty and you will most likely enjoy it to the highest degree.

If you’re searching for more affordable Gretsch alternatives, I recently wrote another article about it – feel free to check it out here. There is a few models that may not be as amazing as the Black Falcon, but they still offer a great quality and they’re suitable for all-level players.

Gretsch Guitars Are Used By The Best
bono's black falcon
Photo Credit: WIkimedia Commons

It is also worth mentioning that Gretsch is an absolute leader when it comes to hollow and semi-hollow guitars. Their guitars are used in a wide range of genres by some of the most famous musicians of all time. That includes such legends as Chet Atkins, Bono, Bo Diddley, Richard Hawley and many, many more.

If you’d like to check out the full list of artists supported by Gretsch, make sure to check out their official website.

Do Gretsch Guitars Hold Their Value?

Yes! The best and most expensive Gretsch guitars tend to hold their value and they can potentially be a great investment opportunity. Still, that applies mainly to the top shelf models offered by Gretsch, such as G6636T.

The Black Falcon is a great example of a guitar that should hold its value for a long time. Why? Well, it’s a well-known and reputable model. Although every investment is risky, there is a high chance that you wont lose money with it for years to come.

On the other hand, if you decide to get it, you’ll have to remember to maintain the excellent condition of this guitar. The guitars in mint condition are always the most valuable, so make sure to protect it at all costs.


As you can see, the Gretsch G6636T Black Falcon is a truly amazing guitar. Although it’s really expensive, it’s definitely one of the best guitars available on the market right now. The sound versatility offered in this model makes it a valuable asset in a wide range of genres, from blues and jazz to rock and indie.

I think that if you’re an intermediate or professional player and you know what you’re looking for, the Black Falcon will be perfect for you. Undoubtedly, it will be perfect for live gigs and studio recordings. In addition, it may turn out to be a great investment opportunity.

What do you think about the Black Falcon? Would you pay this amount of money for that guitar? Let me know in the comments below! Additionally, if you enjoyed this article, you may also like:

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