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15 Easy Metallica Guitar Songs for Beginners

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If you’re a beginner or an intermediate musician who’s looking for new songs to practice, you will definitely enjoy today’s list of 10 easy Metallica songs to play on guitar. Since we recently covered simple songs by Foo Fighters, now is the time to focus on the absolute legends of heavy metal.

Metallica is one of the most influential bands on our planet. Without them, the music industry and its history would be completely different. It’s not surprising that a lot of guitar players want to practice their songs.

The band released 10 albums so far – that means hundreds of potential songs that you can play! Of course, some songs are more difficult than the others. But if you’re an amateur who only knows a couple of chords, don’t worry – there is quite a lot of easy songs that you can learn on your own.

The list below consists of 15 fairly easy Metallica songs to play on your guitar. Feel free to check out the tabs on the right. If you don’t want to use them, I also included links to video lessons below. Good luck and enjoy your practice!

List of 15 Easy Metallica Songs

Metallica – Whiskey In The JarTABS
Metallica – Bleeding MeTABS
Metallica – The Unforgiven IITABS
Metallica – FuelTABS
Metallica – Turn The PageTABS
Metallica – Hero Of The DayTABS
Metallica – The Outlaw TornTABS
Metallica – Until It SleepsTABS
Metallica – The Memory RemainsTABS
Metallica – So WhatTABS
Metallica – Die Die My DarlingTABS
Metallica – CureTABS
Metallica – Devils DanceTABS
Metallica – Ecstasy Of GoldTABS
Metallica – No Leaf CloverTABS

For The Biggest Fans

1. Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar

One of the most popular Metallica tunes out there. The main riff is pretty easy to play and it’s really good to build up your overall speed and accuracy. If the main melody becomes too fast for you, just try to learn it slowly. Once you’ll be able to hit every single note of that riff without any mistakes, try to increase your speed. I’m sure that you’ll pick it up really fast!

2. Metallica – Bleeding Me

Bleeding Me is one of these songs that sound absolutely cool and they’re actually really simple to play. Check out the lesson below – it’s not complicated at all. It involves the use of chorus and flanger pedals but of course even if you don’t have them, you should be able to play it very nicely. Don’t stress out about the gear for now – focus on your technique.

3. Metallica – The Unforgiven II

It’s probably one of the most iconic riffs by Metallica that you can play on both acoustic and electric guitars. The full song may be a challenge for beginner guitarists… but who doesn’t love a good challenge? Here’s a great half-hour lesson to help you figure out how to play it.

4. Metallica – Fuel

Fuel is a pretty fast song, so it’s great for practicing your accuracy, speed and picking techniques. The main riff is not that complicated, but it will require a lot of practice if you’re a beginner guitarist. I highly recommend this song to players who want to play a lot of metal in the future. This tune is a great introduction to fast riffs in this genre!

5. Metallica – Turn The Page

I think that it’s one of the easiest songs by Metallica that you can play! But in fact, it’s a cover of Bob Seger. You only need to know how to play basic chords (Em, D, A, C) and you’re good to go. The video below explains how to play it in more detail and what kind of strumming you should use. Absolutely great tune for amateurs.

6. Metallica – Hero Of The Day

Another really simple ballad suitable for all-level guitarists. It’s simple and it’s fun to play – who needs anything else? There are more difficult parts in there (like solo), but if you don’t feel comfortable with it, just leave it for now. Focus on the bits that are easy and come back to this song in a few weeks or months.

7. Metallica – The Outlaw Torn

What a powerful riff! The Outlaw Torn may not be as popular as some of the other songs on today’s list, but it’s definitely worth it. I highly recommend it for all beginners out there who want to develop their skillset to play more rock and metal riffs. Great track to practice on!

8. Metallica – Until It Sleeps

Until It Sleeps features a really easy introduction and simple main riff suitable for all-level players. On top of that, the solo in that tune is not too difficult as well. Again, it’s a really good example of a song that sounds awesome and is actually easy to play. I think that if you love Metallica, you must know that song!

9. Metallica – The Memory Remains

Great song with a great riff. It may be a challenge for absolute beginners, but it’s worth trying anyway. Once you start figuring out how to play it, you’ll see that melodic patterns in this tune are actually not that complicated. I highly recommend checking out the lesson below.

10. Metallica – So What

Again, a really easy Metallica song that you can play on your guitar. It involves quite a lot of fast strumming, but it’s not difficult at all. It was originally a punk tune, so there’s not a long going on in there. But still, it’s really worth to add it to your collection of tunes that you can play!

11. Metallica – Die Die My Darling

Again, it’s a really simple and punky tune. A few easy power chords, a lot of strumming and you’re ready to go! The video below is not exactly a lesson (it’s a cover), but there are tabs included below so you can play along with it.
12. Metallica – Cure

Cure features a classic and uncomplicated riff suitable for all level guitarists. I don’t think it will be a massive challenge – you should be able to pick it up really quickly. The lesson below focuses on the rhythm guitar, but if you want to learn the solo, try to figure out on your own – it’s just a few notes!

13. Metallica – Devils Dance

Another cool song to learn. To play that one, you’ll have to tune your guitar to DAFCGD tuning (1 step down). There’s more than one guitar played at the same time in that songs, so it may be challenging at times, but I’m sure that learning Devils Dance will be a great metal guitar lesson in general.

14. Metallica – Ecstasy Of Gold

For those who don’t know, originally this song was written by Ennio Morricone. Metallica covered it for a 2007 Morricone tribute album and they actually received a nomination to a Grammy Award (Best Rock Instrumental Performance Category). Although they didn’t win, this song is still an amazing tune to learn to play on your guitar. I highly recommend checking it out below.

15. Metallica – No Leaf Clover

Absolutely amazing tune that will definitely boost your overall skillset. Whether you prefer playing simple chords or faster riffs, No Leaf Clover will be an ideal tune to practice on. Knowing how to play it from the beginning to the end can be a big challenge for beginner guitarists, but I’m sure that you’ll be able to do it after a few hours of practice. Check out this great lesson below!

Easy Metallica Songs – Summary

I hope that you took your time and you checked out some of the tabs and video lessons linked above. As you can see, there are a lot of easy Metallica songs to play on guitar. And what’s important, all of these riffs and melodies sound absolutely awesome!

Don’t worry if you can’t play all of these songs yet – it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Regular practice is the key to success. Feel free to come back to these songs and tabs from time to time, you’ll see that in a few weeks these things will become much easier to play.

easy metallica songs to play on guitar
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