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AC/DC Classics: 10 Easy Guitar Songs to Rock

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In today’s article, we’re going to highlight 10 easy AC/DC songs suitable for beginner guitarists. If you’re struggling with finding new tunes to play, this collection should be perfect for you!

AC/DC is one of the most popular rock bands in the history of modern music. Their riffs are usually really simple to play and they all sound awesome. On top of that, playing their music enhances your rhythm, strumming and accuracy skills, which are absolutely important for your future growth as a musician.

The list below consists of 10 easy AC/DC songs to learn and play on guitar. Check out the tabs on the right and let’s rock n’ roll! If you prefer video lessons, there are also links to lessons with tabs in the next section under the table.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gear you have – you can practice with electric, acoustic and classical guitars. Nevertheless, their riffs sound best when you plug your guitar into an amp.

10 Easy AC/DC Songs – List

AC/DC – Back In BlackTABS
AC/DC – It’s A Long Way To The TopTABS
AC/DC – What Do You Do For Money HoneyTABS
AC/DC – Shoot To ThrillTABS
AC/DC – Highway To HellTABS
AC/DC – Evil WalksTABS
AC/DC – Bedlam In BelgiumTABS
AC/DC – For Those About To RockTABS
AC/DC – Hells BellsTABS

Play Like Angus Young – Guitar Course

1. AC/DC – Back In Black

One of the most recognizable rock intros of all time. Playing it smoothly may be a bit challenging for beginner guitarists, but it’s one of these songs that you just have to learn at some point. I think that learning this tune will definitely improve your overall guitarist skillset. It may sound complicated but the truth is that it’s just a few simple chords and bends mixed with a lot of strumming.

2. AC/DC – It’s A Long Way To The Top

Another great tune to practice your strumming skills. It’s A Long Way To The Top is a really simple and repetitive song suitable for beginner players. In my opinion, anyone with basic knowledge of chords and power chords should be able to play it really smoothly after a little bit of practice. I highly recommend checking it out!

3. AC/DC – What Do You Do For Money Honey

This tune is a great example of a song that’s extremely simple to play but sounds just awesome! The solo part played originally by Angus Young may be a bit more challenging, but generally it’s one of the easier songs by AC/DC. The main riff is really catchy and it’s superb for amateur guitar players.

4. AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill

Shoot To Thrill features a classic rock riff that makes you want to pick up your guitar, quit your job and become a full time rock musician. It sounds awesome! And on top of that, it’s not that difficult to play. I’m sure that after a little bit of practice anyone should be able to play it smoothly.

5. AC/DC – Highway To Hell

If you know AC/DC, you most likely know the Highway To Hell. Most of us recognize that awesome riff, but only a few of us are aware that it’s actually one of the simplest rock songs of all time! If you know some of the basic guitar chords, you’ll learn how to play that tune from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

6. AC/DC – TNT

TNT is another simple and catchy tune by AC/DC. It’s actually amazing that so many songs by this band are so easy to play! This particular track will be perfect for practicing your strumming and rhythm techniques. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the easiest AC/DC songs out there.

7. AC/DC – Evil Walks

Evil Walks features a simple main riff great for all-level guitarists. It’s easy and fun to play – who needs anything else? The lesson above includes guitar tabs too, so make sure to check it out.

8. AC/DC – Bedlam In Belgium

The Bedlam In Belgium may not be as popular as Highway To Hell or TNT but it’s still a really awesome and simple song to play. I think that you should be able to learn it pretty quickly, although keep in mind that the chorus in this song is tricky – you’ll need to figure out strumming for that part. Still, the lesson above explains everything very thoroughly.

9. AC/DC – For Those About To Rock

For those who are not aware, this is another legendary tune by AC/DC. A few bits can be challenging at times, but in general it’s considered as one of the easier songs by this band. Check out the lesson above to learn more how to play it.

10. AC/DC – Hells Bells

We’re finishing off with one of the most iconic rock riffs of all time – Hells Bells. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most popular songs by AC/DC. Still, just like all other tunes on today’s list, it’s pretty simple to play. I think that learning this tune is an absolute must for any aspiring rock guitarist!

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All songs mentioned in today’s article are pretty simple to play. If you are still struggling adn you can’t play any of these riffs, maybe it’s time to go back to the basics? Learning the most common chords, power chords and strumming techniques will definitely help to boost your growth as a musician. Once you get better at these things, you will be able to learn faster and more effectively.

For those who struggle, I recommend checking out my article about Fender Play. It’s a great (and affordable) platform made for all-level musicians. There are hundreds of guitar lessons in there, so once you sign in, the only thing you need is time and patience. I encourage you to check out that article – there is a free trial included!

easy ac/dc songs to play on guitar
About AC/DC

AC/DC is one of the most influential rock bands in the history of rock and roll. The band has sold millions of records throughout the years. What’s important, they are still active and they are still releasing new music. In fact, their latest album Power Up was nominated to 2022 Grammy Awards. Hopefully, they will be releasing more music for many years to come!


I hope that you took your time and you checked out at least a few of the tabs and video lessons mentioned above. If you’re unable to play these tracks yet, don’t worry! Just come back to this list in a few weeks or months. You’ll see that things will get much easier in time.

Personally, I think that AC/DC is a great source of inspiration and songs to practice. I remember that when I first started, learning tunes of these Australian legends really helped me to understand the basics of electric guitar.

What do you think about AC/DC and do you like to play their songs? Let me know in the comments below, I’m really curious! Also, if you liked today’s article, you may also like:

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