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Danelectro 12-String vs Gretsch G5422: Two Amazing Guitars

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In today’s article, we’re going to compare two awesome guitars – Danelectro 12 String and Gretsch G5422. Both of these guitars are one of the most popular twelve-string models among beginner and more advanced players. Since I had both of these guitars in my hands in real life, I figured it’d be great to share my experience with my readers. What’s more, I included sound samples for you to compare. In addition, I added a few interesting facts about 12-string guitars at the bottom of the page. Let’s jump into it!

Danelectro 12 String

Danelectro 12 string
  • Spruce body
  • Short Horn Shape
  • Dual Humbucking Lipstick Bridge Pickup
  • Master Volume, Master Tone, & 3-way Switch
  • 25″ Scale Length
  • 21 Frets
About Danelectro

For those who don’t know, Danelectro is a legendary brand with over 70 years of experience within the guitar industry. Undoubtedly, their gear made a massive impact on popular music. In fact, most of the famous players used their guitars. That includes Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Beck, Bruce Springsteen and many other great musicians! I think that these names prove that Danelectro is a brand that everyone can trust.

Danelectro 59

The model presented above (Danelectro 59) is a mid-level guitar aimed at guitarists of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player, you will absolutely enjoy it. Nevertheless, if you’re just starting, it’s probably better to start with six strings instead of twelve. In terms of pricing, it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely within reach of any passionate musician.

Vintage Feel

The guitar presents itself really fantastic. I think that every lover of 60’s and 70’s music will be satisfied with the classic appearance of this axe. And what’s important, this guitar feels vintage too. When I had it in my hands, it felt really comfortable. From what I heard, every Danelectro guitar gets a professional setup before leaving the factory, so all of their instruments are well set up. No buzzing strings and no problems with the high string action – that’s a massive plus!

Great Tone

Most importantly, Danelectro 12 String features a really unique and jangly sound. It will be perfect for all kinds of blues and rock genres. Personally, I think it works really well for indie musicians. I added a short video sample below. What do you think about that tone? Let me know in the comments below. Personally, I think it’s awesome! At this price, it will be really difficult to find a better 12-string electric guitar than this Danelectro.

Gretsch G5422

Gretsch G5422
  • Maple body
  • Electromatic hollow-body
  • Filter’tron pickups
  • Golden hardware
  • Scale length: 24.6″
  • 22 Jumbo Frets
About Gretsch

Similarly as Danelectro, Gretsch has a really long history. In fact, it’s much older, because the company was founded in over 130 years ago in 1883 in New York! Most importantly, Gretsch is a leader when it comes to hollow body guitars. They’re also usually a top-choice for guitars with Bigsby. When it comes to famous players who use their gear, there are literally hundreds of them. That includes Chet Atkins, Bono, Billy Gibbson, Richard Hawley and many, many more.


The hollow-body guitars were firstly introduced in 1930s. Back then, the manufacturers were trying to figure out the way to create instruments that are loud enough to play along with drums. Thanks to the semi-acoustic and hollow-body guitars, that became easily achievable. There are a lot of variations of hollow-body guitars and if you’re interested about reading about it further, feel free to check out this article.

Luxurious Look

You have to admit that the combination of black color with golden hardware looks really elegant and expensive. To be honest, I’m a massive fan of that design. Undoubtedly, anyone who’s looking for an exceptional and unusual axe will be really satisfied. It will definitely draw attention of anyone in the room!

Unique Tone

The G5422 is also available in a few different versions. Those who aren’t into 12-string guitars can choose the G5422T – an amazing guitar with Bigsby bridge. Nevertheless, today we are focusing on the G5422G-12. In comparison with the Danelectro, it’s significantly more expensive. But in terms of sound, it’s a little bit different. The sound on this guitar is definitely more resonant and punchy. It’s tough to compare these guitars, because while both of them have 12 strings, their body shape affects their final sound. It all really depends on your personal preference! Although you can still check out the sound sample below and make your own conclusions. What do you think about that one? Let me know in the comment section below.

12 String Guitar – FAQ

Is a 12-string guitar harder to play?

It really depends on your previous experience with guitars. If you’re a beginner, it may be tough for you to comfortably play on a 12-string guitar. Nevertheless, if you already played on the guitar for a few months, getting used to a 12-string guitar won’t be a problem. I wouldn’t say that it’s harder to play. It just feels a little bit different, that’s all!

Where can I buy a 12-string guitar?

There are a lot of places where you can purchase a 12-string guitar. You can always visit your local guitar store and ask if they have any interesting models. But you can also find it in a lot of places online. Personally, I recommend buying guitars from Amazon. Why? I bought several guitars from them and I never had any problems with deliveries or unsafe packaging.

Is a 12-string guitar louder?

12-string guitars offer a fuller and more rounded sound. Although they are not necessarily louder than usual 6-string guitars, you may get the impression that they are. Nevertheless, it also really depends on how hard you strum. Undoubtedly, the sound of 12-string guitars is just different!

Are there any other brands that build 12-string guitars?

There are a lot of guitar brands that offer 12-string guitars. That includes Rickenbacker, Gibson, Ibanez and many others. When it comes to 12-string acoustic guitars, the offering is really broad too – for example Takamine, Taylor, Martin or Fender.

Is a 12-string guitar neck wider?

Yes! Nevertheless, the difference between a 6-string guitar neck and a 12-string guitar neck is not massive. It’s usually a little bit wider and thicker.


As you can see, both of these guitars offer a top quality and tone. It’s tough for me to pick one of them, because they’re a little bit different. I think that Gretsch and Danelectro did a fantastic job and anyone who decides to purchase their 12-string guitars will be satisfied. I’ll leave the final verdict up to you. Which one would you choose and why? Let me know in the comment section below!

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