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Bugera BC15 Amp: Specs, Performance, and Review

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bugera bc15

In today’s article, we’re going to review one of the coolest small amps in the world – Bugera BC15. Many guitarists think that getting a reliable tube amp costs thousands of dollars. Of course, the most expensive amps usually offer an amazing quality. But it is also possible to find a good tone at a much lower price. And Bugera BC15 amp is a perfect example of that!

The BC15 model is an affordable hybrid tube amp suitable for all-level players. Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been playing guitar for a while now, you will most certainly appreciate this little guitar amp. It looks great from the outside and it offers a lot of versatility when it comes to tone.

I have to admit that I tested out a lot of amps in my life and the BC15 model really stood out with its quality. Considering its cost, it definitely has one of the best sounding clean channels available at this price level.

My Experience With Bugera BC15

To be honest, I have always been a big fan of Bugera amps and I think that most of them are really underrated. I had the BC15 model for a while now and I’m actually still amazed of how good it sounds.

To prove my point, I recorded a quick video review (with a sound demo) just for you. Feel free to check out the YouTube video below. If you enjoyed it, feel free to click the subscribe button – that will definitely help my channel grow!

As you can hear on the video, the clean channel on that tiny thing sounds spectacular. Especially when you combine it with a few effects such as reverb or delay. Undoubtedly, any guitarist will be satisfied with this kind of tone! If you prefer more distorted sounds, it also sounds great with a little bit of overdrive and distortion.

The overall appearance and quality of used materials is also fantastic. Personally, I really like that retro look. Some amps at this price level actually look cheap from the outside and it’s clear that they are not that good. In this case, the sound quality matches the built quality – it’s awesome!

Are there any disadvantages? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. I think that it’s loud enough to play small gigs, but for some people it may not be enough. In addition, it’s pretty basic when it comes to settings – there is no reverb or anything like that. But maybe less is more?

Specs & Pricing

bugera bc15

The amp has 15-Watt power and it features a 12AX7 valve in the preamp. Although it’s not a “true” tube amp (it’s a hybrid tube amp), it certainly offers a true tube amp tone. The BC15 is also equipped with the 8″ vintage-tuned speaker. It weighs somewhere around 5kg, so it’s not too heavy. In addition, it has a headphone jack, which allows you to practice in a more private manner.

If you’d like to find out more about the specs of this guitar amp, you can always check them out on Amazon.

Who is it for?

I think that this amp will be suitable for a wide range of genres. The clean channel will work particularly great for jazz, blues and indie rock musicians. Still, even if you like to play with a little bit of overdrive and distortion, you will most certainly enjoy this little amp too.

Bugera BC15 will be an excellent choice for both amateur guitarists and more intermediate players. Whether you want to practice or play small gigs, this model will definitely do the job well. I highly recommend checking it out – you won’t be disappointed!


If you’re still not sure if the Bugera BC15 is a good choice for you and your style playing, there is also a few alternatives. Whether you’re looking for a solid state amp, hybrid tube amp or a tube amp, it’s not difficult to find a good amp at a reasonable price.

I recently created a list of fifteen best amps under $100. Feel free to check it out – I highly recommend amps by such brands as Peavey, VOX, Blackstar and Orange.


What are hybrid tube amps?

Hybrid amps usually feature a tube in the preamp section and the solid state power section. A hybrid amp is a mix of a solid state and tube amp.

Do tube amplifiers really sound better?

That’s debatable, but in general – yes! Tube amps and hybrid tube amps offer a great sound quality. They’re loved particularly for their warm, clean tone. But at the same time, they’re capable of adding a little bit of crisp and sharpness during more aggressive playing. If this kind of sound is your favorite, you should definitely consider adding a tube amp to your collection!

Are tube amps louder than solid state amps?

No, they aren’t necessarily louder, but they distort the sound in a little bit different way which may create the impression that they are actually louder. In the end, this tone sounds way more natural.


As you can see, the Bugera BC15 is totally worth it. I have no hesitation with recommending it to any guitar player who’s looking for an affordable and reliable guitar amp. Although you’ll most likely use it only for practice, it can also be used for small gigs or studio recordings. Undoubtedly, it’s really tough to be disappointed with this little thing. Especially when you think about the price!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog post, I hope that it was helpful. If you enjoyed this article, you may also like:

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