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Best Pedals for Psychedelic Rock: Complete Guide

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Best Pedals For Psychedelic Rock

If you’re looking for the best pedals for psychedelic rock, we got you covered! Since we recently highlighted the best psychedelic rock guitars, now is the time to focus on great effects that you can add to you pedalboard.

As you probably now, this genre features a use of a wide range of pedals: delays, reverbs, phasers and many more. Undoubtedly, there are no limits when it comes to psychedelic sounds. It’s all about experimenting with tone and being creative! Still, there are a lot of great pedals out there. What’s more, most of them aren’t even that expensive.

Firstly, let’s start with a short list of best pedals for psychedelic rock. In the next part, you will be able to see the detailed descriptions and sound demos of every model and we’re going to answer a few general questions related to psychedelic rock. Ready? Let’s jump into it!

Best Pedals For Psychedelic Rock – List

1.ChorusBOSS CE-2WSee on Amazon
2.VibratoTC Electronic ShakerSee on Amazon
3.PhaserWalrus LillianSee on Amazon
4.FuzzJHS SmileySee on Amazon
5.ReverbFender Marine LayerSee on Amazon
6.DelayMXR Carbon CopySee on Amazon
7.OverdriveIbanez TS808See on Amazon
8.DistortionMXR EVHSee on Amazon


Boss CE-2W - best pedals for psychedelic rock

For those who don’t know, BOSS is one of the most famous manufacturers of guitar pedals in the world. The CE model is an often choice of many professional guitarists. Although it’s not the cheapest chorus pedal in the world, it’s an absolute classic and it offers a really unique tone. Undoubtedly, the Waza Craft will be an ideal fit for any lover of psychedelic rock genre. It’s really hard to fail with that piece of gear! I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s a sound demo in case you’re interested.

2. TC Electronic Shaker

TC Electronic Shaker - best pedal for psychedelic rock

TC Electronic is a brand that offers one of the most affordable and great sounding pedals on the market right now. The Shaker model has everything that you need for psychedelic rock: two vibrato types, true bypass and four knobs to experiment with your tone. In my opinion, this is a perfect guitar effect for all-level players. If you don’t have any experience with guitar pedals, this one will be really fun to start your journey with! I highly recommend checking out this tiny orange beast. Feel free to have a look on the demo below. Sounds amazing, right? And it’s so cheap!

3. Walrus Lillian

walrus lillian - best pedals for psychedelic rock

Absolutely amazing phaser effect created by Walrus Audio, another top-rated manufacturer of guitar pedals. If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, you will definitely enjoy the sound of that one! To be honest, I’m absolutely in love with the tonal possibilities of that thing. Undoubtedly, this wide range of sound possibilities will be particularly amazing for any lover of psychedelic rock. If you’re into this kind of vibe, you should totally give it a chance. Here’s a great sound demo in case you’re interested! Although it’s not cheap, it’s definitely worth it to include it in your pedalboard.

4. JHS Smiley

JHS Smiley - best pedals for psychedelic rock

Another top class guitar pedal! From the outside, the Smiley by JHS offers a really simple and minimalistic design. What’s more, it features a really unique thing called “JHS Mode”. You can turn it on after pressing the red button on the side. Once you do it, it send you to a really cool gated fuzz and high-gain zone that will be perfect for any psychedelic solo! Among all of the fuzz pedals out there, this one is really special. I highly recommend checking it out, specifically because of that JHS mode mentioned earlier. It’s a really fantastic piece of gear! Here’s a short sound demo.

5. Fender Marine Layer Reverb

fender marine layer reverb

Absolutely amazing reverb pedal. In fact, I’m a proud owner of it and it has been a part of my pedalboard for quite a long time. Without any hesitation, I can recommend this pedal for all-level guitarists. The overall sound and endless tonal possibilities are amazing, but it also has something else that’s really important – a really solid construction. Seriously, it’s really tough to brake it! It’s pretty heavy and it takes quite a lot of space on a pedalboard, but it’s definitely worth it. At this price it will be difficult to find something better in terms of sound quality and durability. Feel free to check out the sound sample below if you’re interested!

6. MXR Carbon Copy

MXR Carbon Copy

One of the coolest and most affordable delay pedals out there! I think that it will be perfect for any lover of psychedelic rock. The pedal offers up to 600 milliseconds of delay time and three knobs: Mix, Delay and Regen. It’s amazing how many original indie sounds you can achieve with that tiny analog thing! If you’re into psychedelic ambient music, you will definitely enjoy it. Have a look on the video below and see how versatile this thing is. Amazing, right?

7. Ibanez TS808

Ibanez TS808

One of the most legendary overdrive pedals in the history of music. To be honest, the TS808 never fails and it has a really long history. Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the guitarists who made this pedal significantly more popular in the eyes of public. Most importantly, the TS808 offers a classic, warm and natural tube overdrive sound. On top of that, it’s really simple to use and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Who needs anything else? Absolutely amazing choice for psychedelic rock!



Although Eddie Van Halen wasn’t really a psychedelic rock guitarist, his signature pedal will definitely be a perfect fit for that genre. If you’re looking for a powerful saturation and really interesting hyper-driven tones, this pedal will be ideal for you. Of course, there are cheaper distortion pedals available online, but none of them offers such wide tonal possibilities as this amazing pedal. I highly recommend checking it out further! Undoubtedly, it can be classified as one of the best pedals for psychedelic rock in the world! It sounds particularly great when it’s combined with a Stratocaster. Here’s a sound demo if you’re interested.


As you can see, great sounding pedals don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Of course, there are far more great models out there, but this list definitely featured some of the best pedals for psychedelic rock. What do you think about these pedals? Would you add any of them to your pedalboard? Let me know in the comment section below!

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