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Best Indie Rock Chorus Pedals: 7 Must-Haves

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In today’s blog post, we’re going to highlight the best chorus pedal for indie rock. In fact, there’s quite a few models worth checking out! What’s more, some of them are not expensive at all. For those who came to my blog for the first time, here’s a little background. Recently, I shared my top recommendations on the best indie rock guitars. A few of my readers asked me about effects pedals for this genre, so I decided to create a series of articles focused on all kinds of pedals: chorus, reverb, overdrive, fuzz and many more. Hopefully you’re going to enjoy it!

As a massive fan of indie rock and a frequent attender of local indie shows, I’m in love with the sound of chorus effects! Some of the pedals included on the list below were tested by me in real life and a few of them are still a crucial part of my pedalboard. Also, I included sound samples too. If any of these effects would seem like a good fit, make sure to check out the video reviews or more details on Amazon. Let’s jump into it!

Best Chorus Pedal For Indie Rock – List

1.Walrus Julia Chorus/VibratoSee on Amazon
2.BOSS CE2WSee on Amazon
3.JHS 3 SeriesSee on Amazon
4.Ibanez Mini ChorusSee on Amazon
5.Fender Bubbler ChorusSee on Amazon
6.Behringer UC200See on Amazon
7.TC Electronic Afterglow ChorusSee on Amazon

1. Walrus Julia

walrus julia - best chorus pedal for indie rock

One of the most iconic pedals used for indie rock and dream pop. To be honest, it’s one of my favorites! It will be perfect for both beginners and advanced players. On top of that, it will sound great on studio and live recordings. The Julia is a truly special analog effects pedal that gives you access to an infinite selection of tonal landscapes. In addition, it’s manufactured by Walrus – one of the best companies that manufactures guitar pedals in the world. Although it’s one of the more expensive chorus pedals on my list, it certainly deserves to be called as the best pedal for indie rock. See how it sounds below. Amazing, right?


boss ce-2 - best chorus pedal for indie rock

An absolute classic. For those who don’t know, BOSS is often a primary choice among the professional musicians. Again, similarly as Julia, it features an amazing sound quality and wide range of tonal possibilities. The CE-2W model is a slightly adjusted reproduction of the legendary CE-2 model. What’s more, this modern version features new sounds that are not available in previous models. That includes a stereo output and a variable depth for CE-1 chorus sounds. Undoubtedly, if you’re looking for the best pedal for indie rock, the BOSS will be an excellent choice. Also, if you’re interested about learning more about this pedal, check out the sound sample below by Reverb.

3. JHS 3 Series

jhs 3 series

The JHS is a bit more affordable than previous two pedals. It may not be as legendary as Walrus or BOSS, but it still delivers amazing chorus sound. The simple and minimalistic design definitely improves the overall experience of using it. I think that it will be a great choice for people who are something of great quality that doesn’t cost a fortune. What’s interesting, the JHS pedals are manufactured in Kansas City, USA. If you’re worried about the quality of Chinese guitar pedals, you can always turn to this American manufacturer. Great choice! Here’s a sound sample below.

4. Ibanez Mini Chorus

ibanez mini chorus

Another absolutely great and affordable chorus pedal perfect for indie rock! Ibanez is a Japanese brand who really knows how to make good guitars. Since their guitars are so popular, not many people are aware that they actually create affordable and excellent sounding effects pedals too! The MINI model offers an exceptional sound quality and a classic chorus sound. I think that it’ll be great for all-level musicians who love indie. What’s more, its compact size makes it really easy to travel with and it won’t take too much space of your pedalboard. Great job, Ibanez! Check out the sound test below.

5. Fender Bubbler Chorus

fender bubbler chorus - best chorus pedal for indie rock

I’m a massive fan of Fender guitars and I have to admit that their effects pedal offer looks really promising as well! The Bubbler Chorus will be perfect for the most demanding indie guitarists. These six knobs give you access to an infinite amount of unique indie sound landscapes. I think that variety of tones that you can get with this thing makes it one of the most interesting pedals on my list. On top of that, the design of it is really on point! The Bubbler may not be the smallest effects pedal in the world, so it will definitely take a fair amount of space on your pedalboard, but it’s totally worth it. Any indie guitarist will definitely enjoy that! Feel free to check out an official sound demo below.

6. Behringer UC200

behringer uc200 - best chorus pedal for indie rock

This is definitely the cheapest chorus pedal on my list. If anyone tells you that cheap pedals are not worth it, trust me – they’re wrong. This Ultra Chorus pedal is super affordable and in fact, it sounds amazing! When I finally built my first pedalboard quite a few years ago, the UC200 was one of the most frequently used pedals by me. I’m still amazed that pedal at this price can sound that good. In my opinion, it’s really comparable with two or three times more expensive pedals out there. Nevertheless, the quality of used materials is not ideal. It sounds great, but the only thing that worries me is the durability. Still, it’s a perfect choice for people who start their journey with guitar effects. Considering the low price, there’s no space for worrying. Great choice! Check out the demo below.

7. TC Electronic Afterglow

tc electronic afterglow

TC Electronic manufactures one of the most affordable guitar pedals in the world. If you’re looking for something durable, affordable and great-sounding – the Afterglow will definitely be for you! In my opinion, this is a perfect pedal for any beginner or mid-level guitarist. Although, I know a few professional musicians who use TC Electronic pedals on a daily basis during their live gigs and studio recordings. Great price and amazing chorus sound – who needs anything else? Feel free to check out the demo below.

Best Chorus Pedal For Indie Rock – Summary

As you can see, there’s quite a few great sounding and affordable chorus pedal for indie rock – some of them are considered as the best in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a pedal for home practice or live gigs, choosing one of the models listed above will definitely be a good choice. Personally, I’m a massive fan of pedals by Walrus, so I’d choose Julia. Nevertheless, it can get a bit expensive, so more affordable models from TC Electronic or Behringer will definitely do the job as well!

Thanks for checking out Best Guitars Now. I hope that you enjoyed today’s article! Which pedal would you choose? Let me know in the comment section below. Additionally, you may also enjoy:

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