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Best Banjo Straps: 10 Comfortable & Secure Options

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banjo strap fabric

If you’re looking for the best banjo straps available on the market right now, you’re in the right place! In today’s article, we’re going to have a close look on ten great and affordable models.

Finding the right banjo strap may seem like an easy task, but it’s in fact really challenging. There are a lot of straps out there and to be honest, not all of them are a good choice. Some of them feature a really poor quality and they’re totally not worth it. And that’s why a lot of banjo players are struggling with finding the right fit.

Still, today’s selection of banjo straps should resolve your issues. Check out the list below – all banjo straps in here can be considered as the best. They’re all affordable, durable and they look great! Hopefully you’ll be able to find the right strap for you.

10 Best Banjo Straps – List
Perri’s Leather’s StrapSee on Amazon
Fender Nylon StrapSee on Amazon
Levy’s Leathers StrapSee on Amazon
Gretsch Banjo StrapSee on Amazon
Levy’s Leathers Genuine Leather StrapSee on Amazon
D’Addario Strap With ClipsSee on Amazon
Cloudmusic Jacquard StrapSee on Amazon
Basic Banjo StrapSee on Amazon
Neotech Slimline StrapSee on Amazon
Dinatone Retro StrapSee on Amazon

Perri’s Leathers Strap

perri's leathers - Best Banjo Straps

One of the best leather banjo straps available online. This extremely durable model is not only soft and comfortable, but it also looks fantastic.

Whether you like this kind of design or not, you should be aware that Perri’s Leathers is a Canadian manufacturer of premium straps. Their products are widely recognizable and they’ve proven their top quality throughout the years. Undoubtedly, choosing their leather banjo strap will be a great choice.

Fender Nylon Strap

Fender - Best Banjo Straps

If you don’t like leather straps, this nylon model may be actually a better option for you. And in fact, it’s made by one of the biggest brands in the music world – Fender. As a massive fan of their guitars and amps, I have to admit that they also manufacture top quality straps as well.

This strap is made of a durable polyester that should last for years to come. In addition, the overall aesthetic is absolutely beautiful – it’s definitely eye-catching. Personally, I love that design. I’m sure that it will be a great addition to your banjo.

Levy’s Leathers Strap

Levy's - Best Banjo Straps

Another really cool and affordable banjo strap. This model by Levy’s Leathers features polypropylene backing and leather ends with metal clips. In addition, the jacquard pattern on the outside looks absolutely fantastic.

Although it’s not the cheapest banjo strap on the market, it’s definitely worth it. I’m sure that you’ll be satisfied with its durability and overall appearance. Great choice for all banjo players out there!

Gretsch Banjo Strap

Gretsch - Best Banjo Straps

A really cool banjo strap made by one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of string instruments – Gretsch. The company is known for their high quality hollow and semi-hollow body guitars, but they also manufacture amazing accessories as well. That includes banjo straps!

This retro strap features a cotton backing and leather ends. It’s really durable and it looks really good. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the previous models on today’s list, I highly recommend checking it out. Undoubtedly, the quality of products by Gretsch is always on the top level.

Levy’s Leathers Genuine Leather Strap

Levy's - Best Banjo Straps

Not all banjo players like straps made of genuine leather, but for some of them, they’re the best. Of course, the materials used for that strap cost more than the regular cotton, so you have to bear in mind that this strap is a bit more expensive than the rest?

Is it worth the money? Well, if you’re looking for a maximum durability and you prefer leather straps then this model will be perfect for you! Personally, the leather straps are too stiff for me but I know that a lot of musicians love them. Feel free to check it out – it may work well for you.

D’Addario Strap With Clips


Another really cool banjo strap manufactured by a great and well known company called D’Addario. This strap with clips has everything you need – it’s cheap, it looks cool and it does the job.

I think that this strap will be perfect for beginners. Not all banjo straps include plastic clips and they can actually be really useful. At this price, it will be really tough to find something better and more durable. Great choice!

Cloudmusic Jacquard Strap


Another really cool banjo strap that doesn’t cost too much and looks absolutely fantastic. This style will be particularly great for all folk and bluegrass musicians.

I highly recommend this model to every musician who prefers cotton straps over leather ones. Cloudmusic is one of the most popular manufacturers of such accessories and their quality has been approved by thousands of users.

Basic Banjo Strap

Basic Strap

One of the most basic banjo straps available on the market. It may not be as eye-catching as some of the models listed above, but it’s still a really affordable and durable option.

I highly recommend it to all musicians who enjoy simplicity. In addition, it’s available in a few different colors (black, green and red), so I’m sure that you’ll find something that you like.

Neotech Slimline Strap

Neotech - Best Banjo Straps

A really durable and great looking leather banjo strap. This model is pretty expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. Most importantly, it’s really durable. In addition, it features a Hi-Tech memory foam that extremely comfortable for your neck and shoulders.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best banjo straps out there. If you’re not looking for the cheapest option, I highly recommend sticking to this high quality strap by Neotech.

Dinatone Retro Strap

Dinatone - Best Banjo Straps

Another great looking and cheap banjo strap. It’s pretty basic, but it does the job very well. What’s more, it’s available in 10 different color versions. If you like this retro vibe and you’re looking for one of the most affordable options, this banjo strap will be ideal for you.

Can you use a guitar strap for a banjo?

Actually, yes! Although it’s recommended to use a banjo strap, it is possible adjust a regular guitar strap and turn it into a banjo strap. It requires a little bit of effort and creativity but it’s totally possible.

Check out how banjo straps work on the video below and think how you can adjust your existing guitar strap into a banjo strap. Most of the time you’ll just have to remove two hooks and run them through the guitar strap ends.

How long is a banjo strap?

Most banjo straps are between 40″ to 60″ long. Although it really depends on what brand or model you’re using. The length of majority of straps is adjustable so even if it’s too short or too long, you can easily change it.

Do you really need a banjo strap?

Yes! Even if you don’t want to perform, it’s really beneficial to use a banjo strap. If you have it, you can practice while standing instead of sitting down. That may be really beneficial for your growth as a banjo player – playing like that is a little bit different.

What should I look for in a banjo strap?

Most importantly, think about the durability. There is no point of buying a strap that’s going to break in a few weeks. Aim for straps that are durable and aesthetically pleasing – if you like the design and it’s made out of good materials, you should totally get it!


As you can see, there are a lot of interesting banjo straps available on the market and some of the models above can be easily called as the best. The truth is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a good banjo strap.

I hope that you took your time and you checked out the models on today’s list. Thanks for checking out this blog post! In addition, you may also like:

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