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Learn 10 Easy Foo Fighters Songs on Guitar

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In today’s article, we’re going to highlight 10 easy Foo Fighters songs to learn and play on guitar. If you love the music of Dave Grohl and his crew, you will definitely enjoy the tabs and video lessons below! As an advanced guitar player, I know how tough it is find good songs to practice on in the beginning. That’s why I gathered some of the simplest and easiest tunes for you to learn without looking anywhere else.

Foo Fighters are one of the biggest rock bands in today’s music industry. Since I’ve seen them live (I’ll leave a photo from their concert at the end of this article) and I’m a big admirer of their music, I figured that it’d be great to share some of Foo Fighters resources with my readers!

The list below consists of 10 easy Foo Fighters songs to learn and play on guitar. Generally, this collection is aimed at amateur and intermediate musicians. If you don’t know any chords yet, it’d be better for you to focus on the basics first. You’ll see that most of these riffs are really simple.

At the same time, if you can’t figure out some of the riffs, don’t get discouraged. Just keep these songs in mind and come back to them in a few weeks – you’ll se that things will get much easier with time!

Feel free to check out the tabs on the right. For those who don’t like learning on their own, I also included video lessons in the section below the table. It doesn’t matter what kind of guitar you have – you can play all of these songs on both acoustic and electric guitars.

Good luck and enjoy your practice!

10 Easy Foo Fighters Songs To Play On Guitar

Foo Fighters – EverlongTABS
Foo Fighters – My HeroTABS
Foo Fighters – Time Like TheseTABS
Foo Fighters – Learn To FlyTABS
Foo Fighters – The PretenderTABS
Foo Fighters – Best Of YouTABS
Foo Fighters – WalkTABS
Foo Fighters – Monkey WrenchTABS
Foo Fighters – WheelsTABS
Foo Fighters – ArlandriaTABS

For The Biggest Fans

1. Foo Fighters – Everlong

One of the most popular songs by Foo Fighters. What’s important, it’s pretty easy to learn! Firstly, you’ll need to change the tuning of your guitar to Drop D. And then there’s only a few power chords to learn and voila – you’re ready to play Everlong! I think that you’ll pick it up really quickly.

2. Foo Fighters – My Hero

Another awesome song by Foo Fighters! This tune may be a bit more challenging, but if you know how to play barre chords, you should be able to learn it really fast. Grab your acoustic guitar and check out the lesson below. This guitar teacher explains everything slowly and with a lot of details. Great lesson!

3. Foo Fighters – Time Like These

Same teacher, different song. It’s pretty cool that you mostly need to use just three chords to play that tune (C, Em7, D). In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest songs by Foo Fighters that you can play on your guitar. The lesson below will be perfect for beginner players who are just starting their musical journey.

4. Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

“Learn to Fly” is another good example of a really uncomplicated song that you should try on your guitar. The strumming pattern is really simple and it doesn’t involve a lot of movement of your hand on the guitar neck. Great track to practice on! I highly recommend checking out the lesson below.

5. Foo Fighters – The Pretender

I’m sure that we all know and love that song. Whether you prefer that slow intro or faster riffs (when the drums come in), I’m sure that you will enjoy the video with tabs below. Overall, the song is pretty simple to play and it consists of simple strumming patterns and power chords. It’s one of these songs that sound complicated but are actually not that difficult to play. Undoubtedly, if you want to become a good guitar player, you NEED to know how to play that tune!

6. Foo Fighters – Best Of You

Although this guitar teacher speaks in Portuguese, this video with tabs will definitely help you to understand how to play “Best Of You” by Foo Fighters. Again, the strumming pattern in here is really simple and the chords are not that complicated. I’m sure that any of you will be able to play it on a matter of hours (or even minutes).

7. Foo Fighters – Walk

I think that learning this tune is extremely beneficial for beginner guitarists. Why? Well, “Walk” has everything you need: simple melodies, punchy rhythm and various strumming patterns. Knowing how to play all parts of this song will definitely help you with learning other rock songs in general. And it’s a great tune too!

8. Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench

It’s not an ideal song for absolute beginners, but learning “Monkey Wrench” will absolutely boost your bending and strumming skills. The song involves quite a lot of movement of your hand on the guitar neck, but it’s not extremely difficult. It may not be the easiest song on today’s list but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

9. Foo Fighters – Wheels

A really cool song to learn! You’ll see that it’s pretty simple to play. Although in the original songs there are quite a few guitar parts played at the same time, the lesson by GuitarJamz condensed it all into one piece. I think that you’re going to love it!

10. Foo Fighters – Arlandria

“Arlandria” from the album Wasting Light (2011) is another great example of an easy song to play. You’ll need to learn a few power chords and simple melodies to play this song from start to finish. And on top of that, it sounds absolutely cool on both acoustic and electric guitars! It has to be one of my favorite songs by Foo Fighters.

What’s the best way to learn the songs by Foo Fighters?

The video lessons and tabs mentioned above are a great way to learn the songs by Foo Fighters. If you watched all of these videos, you probably noticed that all of these riffs are generally simple to play. And that’s the beauty of it! It’s amazing that Foo Fighters manage to create so many awesome rock anthems with only a few simple chords.

If you’re still struggling and you are not able to play any of these songs, perhaps you should go back to the basics. I totally recommend checking out Fender Play – an affordable platform for beginner and intermediate guitar players that’s going to help you with making progress.

What genre is Foo Fighters?

Their music can be classified as alternative rock with elements of hard rock and post grunge. Still, all of their albums are slightly different so there are various elements of rock music in there.

Are the Foo Fighters still together?

Of course! In fact, they just released some new music! Since the band hasn’t been touring too much lately because of the pandemic, they had a lot of time to focus on new music. Apart from a great side project by Dee Gees, the band just shared a song Love Dies Young from their newest album. Feel free to check it out below. And maybe try to play it on your own without any lessons? That’d be a great challenge!


As you can see, songs by Foo Fighters are not that difficult to play. I hope that you took your time and you checked out the tabs and video lessons mentioned in today’s post. If you did – well done! It’s another solid step to become a great musician. On the other hand, if things turned out to be too difficult for you, don’t worry. It will all get better in time!

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