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Boss CH-1 Chorus Review: Comparing to CE-5 & CE-2W

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boss ch-1 chorus pedal review

If you’re wondering if BOSS CH-1 chorus pedal is worth it or not, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s review, we’re going to take a deep look on this effect and we’re going to compare it with the CE-5 and CE-2W models. Surely, the CH-1 is very popular, but is it actually worth the money?

The truth is that BOSS CH-1 is one of the best and most legendary chorus pedals on the market. It’s really tough to be disappointed with its quality and it’s worth every cent.

Let’s dive deeper with research to find out what makes it so special. In addition, we’re going to compare its tone with other models manufactured by BOSS – CE-5 and CE-2W. Hopefully, today’s article will help you to figure out which pedal is best for you and your style!

BOSS CH-1 – Specs & Pricing

BOSS Super Chorus CH-1 is one of the most iconic pedals of all time. It features crystal clear highs and a very special stereo effect that varies between both speakers. Four knobs (Effect Level, EQ, Rate and Depth) offer a wide range of tonal possibilities.

What’s important, the pedal features a very solid construction, so it should last you for years to come. Out of my experience, it’s really tough to break their gear!

It’s also worth mentioning that older CH-1 models were even more durable, so if you find one of them on the second-hand market, there’s a high chance that it’s going to look like new despite of being 20 or 30 years old.

When it comes to pricing, the CH-1 is quite expensive, but at the same time – it’s not overpriced. Of course, there are other cheaper alternatives out there from budget pedal brands, but none of them offer the same quality as the CH-1.

Here’s the sound demo – I highly recommend checking it out.

Who Is It For?

BOSS CH-1 will be ideal for everyone who’s looking for a reliable, durable and great sounding chorus pedal.

If you’re into the ’80s music, you will definitely appreciate the tone of this guitar effect. The vast majority of legendary bands from that era used that model for their recordings, so if you like music by such artists and bands like The Smiths, Def Leppard, Metallica, The Cure or Nirvana – this is the way to go.

The truth is that it’s really tough to be disappointed with the overall performance of this legendary pedal!

BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is another really cool chorus pedal that deserves a lot of attention. The pedal features low and high cut filters, which allow you to shape the optimal chorus tone.

In comparison with the CH-1, the sound of CE-5 is a bit more subtle and it looks a bit different – the knobs are black. But again, this is an absolutely amazing pedal that will be ideal even for the most demanding guitarists.

Just like all other pedals manufactured by BOSS, the CE-5 is built like a tank, so it features a really solid construction. Undoubtedly, it will be a great addition to your pedalboard.

Is it better than the CH-1? Well, that depends what you’re looking for. BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble is way more delicate, so if you’re looking for a very strong, classic chorus tone – you should stick to the CH-1.

Here’s a really cool demo by Reverb – I highly recommend checking it out. You’ll definitely be able to hear the sound difference in comparison with the pedal from previous video.

BOSS CE-2W Waza Craft Edition

In comparison with two previous chorus pedals, BOSS CE-2W features only two knobs instead of four. Still, it gives you the access to a really wide range of different tones and it’s pretty awesome!

Why is it so cool? Well, it’s like having three different chorus pedals in one tiny box. The CE-2W offers the classic tone of the original CE-2 and both vibrato and chorus sounds of CE-1. To be honest, having all of these tones in one pedal is a game-changer.

It’s definitely one of the best sounding and most versatile chorus pedals available on the market right now. What’s interesting, the CE-2W model is made exclusively in Japan.

Here’s the demo – feel free to check it out below.

Sound Comparison

As you can imagine, it’s really tough to describe the tonal differences between all these words with just words. People who don’t know much about pedals will probably say that all of these pedals sound the same. But it’s not true, so here’s a few of my thoughts!

In my opinion, the BOSS CH-1 will be ideal for guitarists who are looking for ‘that ’80s tone’ – it’s a classic chorus tone that never fails.

The CE-5 pedal will be perfect for guitarists who are looking for something more subtle and delicate.

Lastly, the CE-2W pedal will be ideal for guitarists who are looking for a lot of versatility in their chorus tone. I think that this pedal will work particularly well for all lovers of lo-fi, dream pop, indie and alternative rock. What’s more, the CE-2W has less knobs, so it’s extremely simple to use.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to hear these differences on your own. That’s why you should definitely check out the direct comparison of these pedals below.

They all sound pretty good, right? It’d be great to hear your thoughts about these tones, so feel free to leave a comment under the article to let me know which chorus pedal do you think sounds best.


Where are BOSS pedals made?

BOSS pedals are currently manufactured in Taiwan and Malaysia, although they were previously made in Japan.

On the other hand, there are models that are still made exclusively in Japan – for example BOSS CE-2W.

Some people worry about the quality of pedals made in Taiwan, but the truth is that there is nothing to worry about – they’re awesome!

What are chorus pedals good for?

Chorus pedals can be used in a lot of different genres, so whether you’re into rock, blues or metal – there’s always a space for a bit of chorus! Pedals of this type are perfect if you want your guitar to sound thicker than usual.

Are all chorus pedals the same?

There are hundreds of different chorus pedals available on the market and although they’re all different, they usually share the same features – such as rate and depth knobs. There are also pedals that offer the EQ, treble and bass knobs, which give you access to even a wider range of tones.


Undoubtedly, all of these chorus pedals feature a really good quality and they will be a good fit for a lot of guitarists. In my opinion, no matter which model you decide to choose, you won’t be disappointed after adding it to your pedalboard.

Personally, I think that I’d stick with the BOSS CH-1. There’s something really cool about the fact that so many legendary guitarists used it back in the ’80s!

Which chorus pedal would you choose and why? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts, it’d be great to hear what you think.

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