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Top 8 Tweed Cases for Every Guitarist

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If you’re looking for the best tweed guitar case and you don’t know which option is the best, don’t worry! In today’s article we’re going to highlight some of the best and most affordable tweed cases out there. Whether you own a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul or a classical guitar, the list below will definitely help you with making the right choice. We included cases for a few different guitar types, so everyone should be able to find the suitable model for them!

Tweed cases are absolutely iconic. They’re loved especially by enthusiasts of vintage vibes. And most importantly, they never get old! You can be sure that even in thirty years, the tweed cases will be associated with style and fashion. That’s why we always encourage to choose tweed cases instead of regular (and boring) black ones. We gathered a list of top 8 tweed cases suitable for all-level guitarists. Here’s the list!

Best Tweed Guitar Case – List

1.Fender Telecaster Thermometer CaseSee on Amazon
2.Gearlux Tweed Stratocaster Hard CaseSee on Amazon
3.Crossrock SG CaseSee on Amazon
4.Fender Jazz/Precision Bass CaseSee on Amazon
5.Gearlux Acoustic Hard CaseSee on Amazon
6.Douglas Faux Tweed Les Paul CaseSee on Amazon
7.Crossrock Semi-Hollow 335 CaseSee on Amazon
8.Crossrock Jaguar/Jazzmaster CaseSee on Amazon

1. Fender Telecaster Thermometer Case

fender thermometer - Best Tweed Guitar Case

We all know that Fender manufactures one of the best guitars in the world. That’s a fact! But not everyone knows that the company also creates some of the best soft and hard guitar cases as well. This particular tweed model will be ideal for owners of Telecasters. Although it’s not the cheapest case in the world, it features an amazing quality and a really beautiful gold plush interior lining. Undoubtedly, when it comes to Telecaster guitars, this model is one of the best tweed guitar cases available on the market right now. I highly recommend checking it out!

2. Gearlux Tweed Stratocaster Hard Case

gearlux - Best Tweed Guitar Case

Absolutely great hard case for electric guitars (especially Stratocasters)! On top of that, it’s actually really affordable. The case may not be as fancy and luxurious as in the previous case offered by Fender, but it will still do the job. In the end, it’s all about keeping your guitar safe, right? In my opinion, this model has everything that you need. It looks cool, it’s durable and it doesn’t cost a fortune. In addition, there’s a small compartment inside for your guitar accessories, such as picks, strings and capos. Great choice for everyone who has a Strat!

3. Crossrock SG Case

Crossrock SG - Best Tweed Guitar Case

This model is specifically designed for the SG type guitars. If you’re an owner of a Gibson or Epiphone SG, this tweed hard case manufactured by Crossrock will definitely keep your guitar protected. The manufacturer decided to use a 7-ply wooden shell, which features a maximum durability. On top of that, it has a really great looking and soft red plush interior. I think that this red color combined with the tweed vinyl cover on the outside makes this model look really cool and retro. Certainly, it’s an absolutely great and affordable model for all lovers of SG guitars.

4. Fender Jazz/Precision Bass Case

Fender Jazz/Precision - Best Tweed Guitar Case

If you’re a bass player – don’t worry – we got you covered too! This specific model is made specifically for Jazz/Precision bass guitars. The case is made of 3-ply wooden material and it features a really high quality red plush interior. Undoubtedly, when it comes to bass guitars, this is one of the most iconic tweed cases available on the market right now. I highly recommend it any player who owns a Jazz or Precision bass. What’s important, if you own a bass manufactured by a brand other than Fender (like Vintage or Squier), it will still fit nicely. Great choice for all bass guitarists out there!

5. Gearlux Acoustic Hard Case

Gearlux Acoustic

The amount of reviews of this model available online proves that it’s one of the most popular acoustic hard cases available on the market right now. The truth is that it’s an absolutely amazing and affordable model suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. Gearlux has a really wide offer of cases (that includes classical guitar cases too). The specific model linked above is perfect for dreadnought acoustic guitars. It’s really solid, looks great and in comparison with other tweed cases, it’s really cheap. Who needs anything else? Absolutely great choice!

6. Douglas Faux Tweed Les Paul Case

Douglas Faux Tweed - Best Tweed Guitar Case

One of the best Les Paul guitar cases available online. This model manufactured by Douglas features a 6-ply arched top and thick padding that offer a superior protection and durability. On top of that, the plush lining adds a really cool and vintage aesthetic to the overall appearance of this case. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best looking and most durable tweed cases out there. I highly recommend checking it out! Your Les Paul will definitely be happy inside of it.

7. Crossrock Semi-Hollow 335 Case

Crossrock 335

Something for owners of semi-hollow guitars (335 Type). If you’re an owner of a Gibson ES-335 or Epiphone ES-335, this hard case by Crossrock will be an ideal choice for you. To be honest, it’s not that easy to find a case for a 335 model. Since they’re not as popular as Stratocasters or Telecasters, there are not that many cases available. Nevertheless, Crossrock did an amazing job and they created this beautiful and ultra-strong tweed case. It’s definitely a deluxe product – all the latches and hinges are made with an incredibly high quality. Undoubtedly, all owners of 335 guitars will be satisfied with the appearance and durability of this exceptional case.

8. Crossrock Jaguar/Jazzmaster Case

Crossrock Jaguar/Jazzmaster

As a lover of offset guitars, I know how difficult it is to find a good case for a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar. Especially when it comes to tweed! Although Fender also manufactures cases for their offset guitars, their cases are far more expensive than the ones offered by Crossrock. This specific model is really affordable and at the same time, it’s made specifically for offset guitars. If you’re into this kind of vibe, you will be definitely happy with the quality and durability of this model! I highly recommend checking it out.


As you can see, there are a lot of amazing tweed guitar cases out there. Whether you play an acoustic, electric or bass guitar, you will definitely find the best fit for you and your guitar. I hope that today’s blog post will help you with making the right choice. Which tweed guitar case would you choose? Let me know in the comment section below, I’m really curious!

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