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Best Guitars for Corridos: 10 Affordable Picks

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best guitar for corridos

If you’re trying to find the best guitar for Corridos, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we’re going to highlight 10 most affordable models suitable for both beginners and more intermediate players.

Corridos is a truly unique form of musical expression. This traditional Mexican style evolved throughout the years and it’s still important for the Latin American culture. Since it’s really popular in Northern Mexico and Southern United States, it’s not surprising that a lot of people want to play it.

Lyrics and mellow guitar sound are two most important characteristics of the Corridos. That’s why it’s so crucial to choose a good and reliable guitar. But don’t worry – all of the models listed below will be perfect for this genre!

10 Best Guitars For Corridos – List

1.Cordoba C3MSee on Amazon
2.Yamaha C40IISee on Amazon
3.Martin LX1See on Amazon
4.Takamine GC1See on Amazon
5.Cordoba Fusion 5See on Amazon
6.Godin MultiacSee on Amazon
7.Fender CN-140SCESee on Amazon
8.Washburn C5See on Amazon
9.Ibanez GA5TCESee on Amazon
10.Alhambra 1OP-USSee on Amazon

1. Cordoba C3M

cordoba c3m - best guitar for corridos

A great and affordable classical guitar that will be perfect for Corridos. For those who don’t know, Cordoba is one of the most popular manufacturers of guitars of this type. Their high quality and competitive prices make them one of the best choices out there.

The C3M model features a solid cedar top with mahogany back and sides. As a result, it sounds really warm and at the same time it’s really lightweight. In addition, there’s a traditional Spanish fan bracing.

I think that this model will be perfect for both amateurs and more advances players. I highly recommend checking out the demo below.

2. Yamaha C40II

yamaha c40II - best guitar for corridos

Another great and pretty cheap classical guitar suitable for Corridos. The C40II model offers a warm sound and a comfortable neck at a relatively low price. The guitar features a mix of spruce and meranti wood. And in fact, it’s one of the most popular classical guitars among the beginner guitarists.

Is it worth it? Well, considering the low price – absolutely! It may not be the best guitar in the world, but it should be more than enough for anyone who wants to play Latin American ballads.

Here’s the sound demo.

3. Martin LX1

martin lx1

Although this guitar is a little bit more expensive than two previous models, it’s definitely worth it. For those who don’t know, Martin is an absolute leader when it comes to acoustic guitars. The Little Martin will be perfect for Corridos – it sounds really versatile and works well for both strumming and fingerpicking.

The guitar features a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. Undoubtedly, this type of wood significantly affects the final tone, which is warm and resonant. It is also worth mentioning that the size of the LX1 is slightly smaller, so it’s great for players with smaller hands. It also works well as a travel guitar.

Check out the demo below. Sounds great, right?

4. Takamine GC1

takamine gc1

Another really cool and affordable classical guitar suitable for all-level players. Similarly as a few other guitars on today’s list, it features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides. This combination of wood never fails – it always delivers a really warm sound which is great for Corridos.

Personally, I really like the classic look of this guitar. At first glance, it looks basic, but once you start noticing the details (like the wonderful inlaid mosaic rosette or gloss finish), it turns out to be really impressive. Undoubtedly, the Takamine GC1 will be good choice for a lot of guitar players who are looking for great sounding and reliable gear.

Here’s the sound demo.

5. Cordoba Fusion 5

Cordoba Fusion 5

A really interesting guitar recommended for more intermediate players. This is an acoustic-electric guitar (it’s equipped with the Fishman Pickup System), so the main purpose of this model is to perform live. If you’re a singer and you want to play Corridos in front of an audience, the Fusion 5 is the way to go!

The guitar is available in a really unique Sonata Burst color, which adds a lot of character to its look. Fusion 5 is made of solid spruce and mahogany wood, which offers a great sound quality. Although it’s not a cheap instrument, it’s worth every cent. I highly recommend checking it out!

Here’s the sound demo.

6. Godin Multiac

godin multiac

A high quality classical guitar made mainly for intermediate musicians. This is not a budget guitar, but if you’re looking for gear from the top shelf, the Multiac is the way to go. The guitar features a solid cedar top and two-chambered silver leaf body. In addition, it has Godin’s Custom Dual Source System, which significantly affects the look and sound of this guitar.

I have to admit that I’m a really big fan of Godin guitars. And even though they come from Canada, their guitars work extremely well in Latin American genres – including Corridos! Undoubtedly, this is a killer guitar. I highly recommend checking out the demo below.

7. Fender CN-140SCE

Although Fender is mainly known for their iconic electric guitars, they actually manufacture great classical guitars too. The CN-140SCE is a perfect guitar for Corridos – it sounds good, it looks awesome and it’s not overly expensive.

The guitar has a solid cedar top and ovangkol back and sides. This exotic wood significantly affects the tone of this guitar – it has a wide tonal range. In addition, the guitar has an extremely comfortable neck which enhances comfortable playing. And of course, there is a pickup system which allows you to perform on stage.

8. Washburn C5

Washburn C5

One of the most affordable classical guitars on today’s list and as you can imagine – it’s perfect for Corridos! The Washburn C5 features a spruce top with back and sides made of catalpa wood. As a result, the guitar sounds smooth and warm.

I think that this model will be perfect especially for beginners. If you don’t know much about guitars and you’re ready to start your musical journey to play Corridos, this model will definitely be a great choice.

Here’s the sound demo.

9. Ibanez GA5TCE

Ibanez GA5TCE - best guitar for corridos

Another wonderful and affordable classical guitar that will be perfect for fingerstyle playing and Corridos. The guitar has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides. In addition, there’s a cutaway that gives you access to the highest frets. In terms of appearance, this model looks simply beautiful!

I think that the GA5TCE model will be a great choice for a lot of guitarists. I’ve had a few Ibanez guitars in the past and to be honest, I loved all of them. Ibanez is a great manufacturer of guitars and they really care about the quality of their guitars. That’s why I highly recommend checking out this model.

Here’s the demo.

10. Alhambra 1OP-US

Alhambra 1OP-US - best guitar for Corridos

This guitar is slightly more expensive than the rest, but it’s definitely worth it. Alhambra has over 55 years of experience within the music industry and they are one of the leaders when it comes to classical guitars.

The 1OP-US model looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. The guitar features a solid cedar top with back and sides made of mahogany. In addition, there’s a really beautiful maple binding. I have to admit that the natural finish makes this guitar one of the best looking guitars on today’s list.

But more importantly, it sounds totally awesome! Here’s the sound demo.

Is Corridos a genre of music?

Yes, it’s a lyric narrative genre. Corridos usually appear in forms of ballads performed by singer-songwriters who want to share a story with their lyrics. These songs often refer to history, politics, socially relevant topics and even stories of criminals. In general, it’s a Latin American approach to sung poetry.

It is worth mentioning that Corridos were extremely popular in 20th century during the Mexican Revolutions. According to researchers, this genre definitely influenced modern Mexican and Mexican-American music.

Do Corridos have to rhyme?

Corridos don’t necessarily have to rhyme, although most of the time – they do. In fact, they have a very interesting structural form. Each line in the Corrido is usually octosyllabic, which means that it consists of eight syllables. Nevertheless, there are some lines in Corridos that even have 20 syllables!

How do you play Corridos?

There are a lot of ways to play Corridos. Most of the time, the performers are either using fingerstyle techniques or strumming. If you want to become a successful Corrido player, you need to spend some time to focus on the basics, such as most common chords in standard tuning and popular chords progressions.

If you want to play and sing Corridos, here’s a really cool and simple lesson that should definitely help you. Make sure to check it out!

Why are Corridos important?

Corridos were extremely important in the past, especially during the Mexican Revolutions. The reason is really simple – the tunes united people through their powerful lyrics and catchy melodies. These songs gave people a sense of cultural pride during the tough times. And that’s why so many people love Corridos even today! Undoubtedly, they also serve as a great way of preserving history and Mexican culture.


Undoubtedly, there are a lot of affordable guitars suitable for playing Corridos. The guitars mentioned above prove that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to find a good (if not the best!) guitar for Corridos. I highly recommend learning more about Corridos – it’s a truly amazing part of Latin American culture.

My verdict? I think that each of these guitar deserves to be called as the best guitar for Corridos. Nevertheless, I really like Cordoba and Martin guitars, so I’d probably stick with them. Their quality just never fails!

Which model would you choose? Let me know in the comments below, I’m really interested to see what you think! Thanks for checking out today’s article, I hope that it was helpful. If you enjoyed it, you may also like:

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