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Best Bass Strings for Players with Sweaty Hands

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best bass strings for sweaty hands

In today’s article, we’re going to highlight some of the best bass strings for players with sweaty hands. Having sweat on hands can be really challenging when you’re performing live, because it significantly impacts your overall comfort. Some guitarists struggle with that problem and the truth is that it’s not their fault at all.

That’s why I gathered 8 best sets of bass strings that will be great for players with sweaty hands. Although changing the strings won’t eliminate that issue from your life, it may improve your comfortability and playability. Still, it is recommended to search for professional and medical help if you feel that it’s a really big problem.

Let’s start with a short list – in the next part, we’re going to review all of these bass strings in more detail.

Best Bass Strings For Sweaty Hands – List

1.DR Black BeautiesSee on Amazon
2.Silvertone Bass StringsSee on Amazon
3.Elixir Bass StringsSee on Amazon
4.D’Addario EXL170See on Amazon
5.Fender 7250See on Amazon
6.DR Fat BeamSee on Amazon
7.Fender 9050See on Amazon
8.DR Pure BluesSee on Amazon
1. DR Black Beauties
dr black beauties - best bass strings for sweaty hands

One of the best and most popular bass strings in the world. This set is particularly loved by the US-based bass players, because they are handmade in the USA. The Black Beauties are super comfortable to play and the offer a classic crisp tone. And what’s important, their quality can significantly improve your playability if you’re experiencing issues with sweaty hands.

2. Silvertone Bass Strings
silvertone strings

One of the cheapest bass strings available on the market. Nevertheless, the fact that they are cheap doesn’t mean that they suck. Silvertone strings feature a great quality at a really affordable price – their tone remains punchy even after weeks of using them. That sound may be too bright for some of the bass players, but I’m sure that everyone will appreciate how comfortable they are.

3. Elixir Bass Strings
elixir strings - best bass strings for sweaty hands

For those who are not aware, Elixir is a leader when it comes to strings to electric and bass guitars. Their remarkable quality is loved and appreciated by a wide range of professional guitarists who make a living out of music. Undoubtedly, these long scale bass strings will be perfect for anyone who experiences issues with sweaty hands. Of course, they are expensive, but they are totally worth it.

4. D’Addario EXL170
d'addario bass strings

These are probably one of the most affordable and popular bass strings in the world. D’Addario is an absolute leader when it comes to guitar strings and most importantly, they’re doing it right. The light strings featured in EXL170 set offer a maximum comfort and playability. I’m sure that they’ll be really enjoyable for a lot of bass players with sweaty hands.

5. Fender 7250
fender 750 strings

We all know that Fender manufactures amazing guitars. Still, not many guitarists know that they actually manufacture really good guitar strings as well. Their nickel-plated strings are a great choice for all-level guitarists – they sound good, they’re affordable and most importantly, they’re comfortable. Although they’re pretty smooth, they should work well even if you experience sweaty hands.

6. DR Fat Beam
dr fat beams strings

Another really popular and reputable set of bass strings manufactured by DR Strings. These strings can be particularly great for bass players with sweaty hands. Why? Well, the company manufactures these strings a bit differently – they do it with a slower and high compression winding process. As a result, these strings not only sound fat and punchy, but they are also really comfortable to play.

7. Fender 9050
fender strings - best bass strings for players with sweaty hands

Another really good set of strings created by Fender. In comparison with a few others models on today’s list, they’re not that cheap. Still, they’re are worth considering if you’re experiencing sweaty hands. The 9050 strings feature a flatwound construction which improves their durability and adds them a lot of character. Undoubtedly, this set will be perfect for a wide range of genres, from blues and jazz to reggae and rock.

8. DR Pure Blues
DR pure Blues - best bass strings for sweaty hands

As you can imagine, this set of bass strings works particularly well for playing blues music. In my opinion, this is a great set of strings for bass players with sweaty hands. These strings not only sound good, but they’re also comfortable and versatile. Whether you want to play with a pick, fingerstyle or slap, these strings will be perfect for you. They feel great!


How do I stop my hands from sweating?

If you’re experiencing it as a bass player, don’t worry – it happens to a lot of guitarists. Sometimes it’s just a result of stress, so staying calm and overcoming stage freight can improve it. You can also try applying antiperspirants or anti-sweat creams. If nothing helps, try to find some medical help.

Can you play guitar when you have sweaty hands?

The truth is that sweat can significantly impact your comfortability and enjoyability of playing. In addition, sweaty fingers can actually damage your strings and fretboard. So yes, you can play guitar when you have sweaty hands, but it’s not the best idea. Of course, sometimes you have to jump on stage and you can’t avoid it!

Can you play guitar with gloves?

Some bass players with sweaty hands decide to use gloves. Of course, you can play with gloves on, but it’s not that comfortable and it doesn’t fix the problem with sweat. In fact, your palms can get even more sweaty because of the higher temperature while wearing gloves.


As you can see, there are a lot of sets of bass guitar strings that can be considered as the best for sweaty hands. I’m sure that all of the strings mentioned above feature great playability. Still, changing strings may not eliminate the problem with sweating.

If you want to get rid of that issue from your life, sometimes the best thing you can do is to seek for medical help. These things can be treated efficiently, but they may require a further investigation from experienced doctors. Alternatively, you can just try applying antiperspirants.

Thanks for checking out today’s article! I hope that you found it helpful. If you enjoyed this list, you may also like:

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