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Are Kramer Guitars Good? Comprehensive Insight

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A lot of musicians who are looking for new gear often ask the same question: are Kramer guitars good? Since most of players nowadays stick to well-known options (such as Fender, Gibson, Epiphone or Ibanez), other guitar manufacturers are not that popular. Although Kramer has a really solid reputation worldwide, not many players these days know about their history. They were extremely popular back in the 80’s but nowadays they seem to be forgotten. Are Kramer guitars good? Let’s find out!

Kramer guitars are absolutely great! The company manufactures electric guitars suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. Their gear is mostly used by rock and metal guitarists. In addition, most of their guitars are available in unusual shapes or colors, so they’re perfect for such genres as 80s hair metal, heavy metal or hard rock.

Should you buy a Kramer guitar? Well, it’s definitely not a bad choice. The company really knows how to manufacture instruments and all the reviews available on the internet prove that it’s not only my subjective opinion. If you’re a fan of rock and metal, you should totally consider adding a Kramer to your gear.

Amazing Tone

Before you carry on with reading more about Kramer guitars in today’s article, check out the sound demo of a 1980’s Kramer Focus. On top of that, Michael Lemmo (Norman’s Rare Guitars) really knows how to showcase that axe. You will see (and hear) that this brand creates really exceptional guitars!

As you can see, it sounds spectacular! Although it’s a vintage model, their modern gear also features a cool tone and comfortable playability. Undoubtedly, any lover of rock and metal will be satisfied with their gear.

About Kramer Guitars

The company was founded in 1976 in New Jersey. The company still manufactures a wide range of electric guitars suitable for rock guitarists. What’s important, Kramer Guitars is currently a part of Gibson Guitar Corporation. Currently, the headquarters of the company are based in Nashville, Tennessee. For those who are interested to read more about their history, here’s a great article on Reverb with a lot of interesting facts.

What’s important, Kramer was a first choice of a many musicians back in the 1980s. One of the most famous players that significantly made this company more popular was Eddie Van Halen. Other artists include: Richie Sambora, Joe Perry, Randy Rand and many more other talented guitarists. Also, if you’d like to find out more about Kramer Guitars, make sure to check out this great video below.

High Quality, Affordable Price

What’s important, guitars by Kramer are not expensive as top Fender or Gibson guitars. To be honest, they are within range of any mid-level guitar player. Even if you’re on a low budget, saving up for one of their guitars shouldn’t take ages. According to GuitarCenter, their guitars cost from somewhere between $300 for their lowest models for up to $3000 for their top shelf vintage guitars.

When it comes to guitar types, Kramer offers lots of different styles. Whether you’re a fan of Stratocasters, Les Pauls or Flying V guitars, they got you covered. Certainly, this high versatility is definitely a major advantage when it comes to this brand. Any player will find something suitable for them!

Made For Shredding

As you can imagine, Kramer guitars are made for shredding. Their slim, fast necks offer a huge comfort during playing super fast guitar solos. Feel free to check out this sound demo of a Kramer Jersey Star. You’ll see that this guitar offers a wide variety of different tones. So whether you’re into clean or more overdriven sounds, you’ll be able to achieve that.

What Kramer Guitar did Eddie Van Halen Use?

When it comes to the guitar used by Eddie Van Halen, the most popular model owned by him was a Kramer 5150. It’s a totally iconic red and white model created in the Kramer factory under his supervision. Here’s a great video about this guitar – make sure to check it out if you’re a van of EVH!


Are Kramer guitars good? Yes, they’re awesome! As you can see, Kramer guitars are definitely worth it. Although their golden days are gone, they still offer a really good quality. If you’re into such genres as hard rock or heavy metal, you will definitely love all of their models. Feel free to check out their official website. What do you think about Kramer guitars? Would you buy one of their models for yourself? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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