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Guitarists' Guide: 25 Easy Emo and Pop-Punk Songs (+TABS!)

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easy emo and pop-punk songs

In today’s article, we’re going to highlight 25 easy emo and pop-punk songs to play on guitar! Since we recently talked about the easiest indie songs and you guys loved it, now is the time to focus on emo and pop-punk genres.

The list below consists of twenty five popular and fairly easy tracks that you can practice at home. That includes bands like Blink 182, From First To Last, Green Day or Paramore. There is a high chance that you know most of these tunes!

In fact, most of emo and pop-punk songs follow the same patterns, so once you learn a few of these tunes, you’ll be able to play an indefinite amount of songs.

Check out the tabs below and take the time to sit down with your guitar and figure out how to play these tunes from start to finish. It doesn’t matter whether you have an acoustic or electric guitar – it will work anyway. Enjoy your practice!

25 Easy Emo & Pop-Punk Songs – List

Green Day – Good Riddance Time Of Your LifeTABS
Blink 182 – DammitTABS
Blink 182 – I Miss YouTABS
From First To Last – EmilyTABS
Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken DreamsTABS
All Time Low – Dear Maria Count Me InTABS
Machine Gun Kelly – PapercutsTABS
Machine Gun Kelly – Bloody ValentineTABS
KennyHoopla – EstellaTABS
Neck Deep – In BloomTABS
Plain White T’s – Hey There DelilahTABS
A Day To Remember – If It Means A Lot To YouTABS
Simple Plan – Whats New Scooby DooTABS
Silverstein – My HeroineTABS
Sum 41 – CrashTABS
Paramore – The Only ExceptionTABS
Paramore – Still Into YouTABS
Neck Deep – TornTABS
State Champs – SecretsTABS
Green Day – WarningTABS
KennyHoopla & Travis Barker – Hollywood SucksTABS
My Chemical Romance – DisenchantedTABS
Billy Talent – Ever Fallen In LoveTABS
The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, KidTABS
Green Day – Walking AloneTABS

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How To Play Pop Punk On Guitar?

Pop punk music is generally considered as really catchy and easy to play on guitar at the same time. Most of songs follow the same patterns – they feature power chords, simple strumming patterns and uncomplicated melodic lead guitar riffs.

Here’s a great video that will help you to understand the basics of pop punk music. Although it’s short, it highlights all techniques that you need to become successful at this field.

How Do You Structure A Pop Punk Song?

Most of pop-punk songs follow the same structure:

  1. Intro
  2. First Verse
  3. Second Verse
  4. Chorus
  5. Third Verse
  6. Chorus + Solo
  7. Outro/Chorus

As you can see, this structure is pretty basic. What’s funny, when you look at this order and you compare it with songs by Green Day, Blink 182 or Paramore, you’ll see that it’s actually correct. Of course, not every song is like that, but it seems to be the most popular choice among the pop-punk musicians.

How To Play Emo Music On Guitar?

Emo music emerged from the hardcore punk scene and it usually features heavy drums, harsh guitar riffs and a lot of screaming. Still, the genre is pretty broad, so there are also slower, more acoustic and depressing ballads that are advanced both melodically and lyrically.

Since the genre is so broad and it features a lot of subgenres, it’s tough to determine whether emo is difficult to learn or not. As in every genre, there are simple and more complicated tracks. Still, similarly as in pop-punk, most emo songs follow the same patterns and chord progressions, so once you figure them out, you should be able to play thousands of emo songs.

Here’s a really valuable resource for everyone who’s interested in learning more about playing emo music. The video below highlights 25 interesting and uncommon chords that are often used by emo musicians and bands. I highly recommend checking it out, although if you don’t know the basic chords yet, you should probably focus on them first before you move to that video.

Still Struggling?

If you feel like all of the songs mentioned above are too difficult for you, you should probably go back to the basics. Focus on the basic chords and strumming patterns and come back to these tunes in a bit – it will get easier!

I also recommend checking out Fender Play, a platform for all-level musicians that helps them to grow as musicians. The platform helps you to organize your practice routine and it gives you access to hundreds of relevant guitar lessons. In my opinion, it’s one of the best option for people who don’t enjoy learning on their own and they need some more guidance.


As you can see, there are dozens of songs that you can focus on in order to become a better emo and pop-punk guitarist. All of the tracks mentioned in today’s article are pretty simple and they feature only the basic guitar techniques, so you should be able to learn them very quickly.

Still, success never comes overnight. If things are difficult today, trust me – playing guitar becomes easier after a while. Just remember to stick to your routine and take your time to practice regularly. You’ll see that in a few weeks or months you’ll be much better than you are right now.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s list of emo and pop-punk songs to play on guitar! If you did, here’s some more resources that you can check out:

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