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Master Megadeth on Guitar: 10 Easy Songs (+TABS!)

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If you’re ready to learn some new tunes, in today’s article we’re going to highlight ten easy Megadeth songs to learn and play on guitar! I’m absolutely sure that today’s list of songs and video lessons will be perfect for all lovers of this metal band.

Megadeth is an extremely important band for the community of guitarists. The band had a massive impact on the music industry and the growth of such genres as thrash and heavy metal. Although they have a lot of really complicated songs, some of them are actually pretty easy to play.

That’s why I created a list of top 10 easy Megadeth songs to play. Grab your electric guitar, plug it into your amp and feel free to check out the tabs to all the songs below! For those who don’t like learning on their own, I also included some video lessons right under the table.

Enjoy your practice!

10 Easy Megadeth Songs – List

Megadeth – TrustTABS
Megadeth – The Killing RoadTABS
Megadeth – Deadly NightshadeTABS
Megadeth – KingmakerTABS
Megadeth – Bite The HandTABS
Megadeth – 1320TABS
Megadeth – United AbominationsTABS
Megadeth – Shadow Of DeathTABS
Megadeth – Dawn PatrolTABS
Megadeth – MechanixTABS

For The Biggest Fans

1. Megadeth – Trust

One of the easiest and most popular songs by Megadeth. I think that this tune is a great introduction to Megadeth and metal. To be honest, it’s just a few power chords and simple notes and you’re ready to go. If you’re an absolute beginner, ‘Trust’ by Megadeth will be an excellent choice for you. I highly recommend checking out the lesson above – tabs are included.

2. Megadeth – The Killing Road

The Killing Road’ may be a little bit more challenging than the previous song, but it’s still fairly easy to play. I think that you should be able to learn it pretty quickly. Tune your guitar half a step down and follow the tabs on the video above. This track will definitely improve your palm muting skills. Great song to practice!

3. Megadeth – Deadly Nightshade

Since I can’t find any good video lesson for that song, check out this cover and use these tabs. ‘Deadly Nightshade’ by Megadeth is another example of a song that’s easy to play and sounds awesome at the same time. Of course, the solo part may be a bit trickier, so let’s focus on the rhythm guitar for now.

4. Megadeth – Kingmaker

Some may say that ‘Kingmaker’ is not easy at all, because it requires a lot of alternate picking. Still, I think that the opening riff is a great exercise to improve your picking speed. If you feel like you’re not ready for this song yet, don’t worry – come back to it in a few weeks or months. Nevertheless, spending some time and crafting it to perfection will definitely be beneficial for you and your growth as a musician.

5. Megadeth – Bite The Hand

Again, I couldn’t find a good guitar lesson to help you with that song, but I included a guitar cover instead. You can just watch the video above and then try to practice with these tabs. The opening riff is really simple and powerful. I’m sure that you’ll be able to learn it in a matter of minutes.

6. Megadeth – 1320

I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite songs by Megadeth. There are a lot of different guitar parts in that song – be aware that some of them are actually pretty difficult. Still, there’s still a few moments where things get really easy and simple, so even if you won’t be able to learn it from start to finish, you’ll definitely learn some cool and inspiring riffs. In addition, the tabs are included on the video.

7. Megadeth – United Abominations

What a song! This song will be a challenge for amateur players but it’s definitely worth trying. Check out the song above and open these tabs. Undoubtedly, learning even a only a small part of this song will be really beneficial for your growth as a metal guitarist.

8. Megadeth – Shadow Of Death

Another really cool and easy Megadeth song to play on guitar. I don’t think that guitar lesson is needed for that tune, because it’s all pretty straightforward. Use the tabs available on this site – you’ll see that the main riff is simple and repetitive. In fact, you can use the main riff from this song as an exercise to improve your speed. You can also try to learn the solo, but don’t stress too much about it – for an absolute beginner, it may be difficult to play it smoothly from start to finish.

9. Megadeth – Dawn Patrol

Although you can see the bass guitar on the video, you can actually play that cool riff on your electric guitar as well. In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest Megadeth’s riffs of all time. It sounds powerful and it’s really easy to play on your guitar – who needs anything else? I highly recommend checking out the cover with tabs aboove.

10. Megadeth – Mechanix

Another fun and challenging, although fairly easy Megadeth song to play on guitar. Although I don’t recommend ‘Mechanix’ for absolute beginners, it’s really worth checking out the lesson above. At the beginning, try to play these notes slowly but with maximum accuracy – then try to increase your speed. Eventually, you’ll definitely be able to play it from start to finish!

About Megadeth

Megadeth is one of the most important metal bands of all time. The band was created in 1983 in Los Angeles by a vocalist Dave Mustaine and a bass player David Ellefson. They are known for their really complex guitar riffs and extreme consistency – the band has released fifteen studio albums so far. In addition, they are considered as members of the Big Four – four most important thrash metal bands in America along with Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer.

The band has sold almost 40 million records worldwide and they were nominated to twelve Grammy Awards.

Their sixteenth album called The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead will be released in Spring 2022.

Is Megadeth thrash or heavy metal?

Since Megadeth has released 15 albums so far, it’s really difficult to say that they play only one genre. Their music is a mix of thrash, heavy, progressive and speed metal.

easy megadeth songs
What’s the best way to become a better metal guitarist?

Some people think that being a metal guitarist means being extremely fast on the fretboard, but it’s not exactly true. All guitarists who want to become better at playing metal have to remember that accuracy is more important than speed. The best way to become a better metal guitarist is to focus on your technique and accuracy first and then try to become faster.

In addition, it’s all about consistency. You won’t become a master metal guitarist overnight, but if you keep on practicing regularly, in a few months you will be far better than you are today. And that’s what matters the most – your own progress. Right?


I hope that you took your time and you checked out the tabs and video lessons above. Most of these Megadeth songs are fairly easy to play. Still, if you can’t play any of these songs yet, don’t stress too much about it. Take your time and keep on learning in your pace – I’m sure that eventually you’ll be able to play all of these riffs without any problems.

What do you think about Megadeth? Let me know in the comments section below! In addition, if you enjoyed today’s article, you may also like:

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